How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors

A vampires true enemy

by Kara Phillips

The more time you spend in Vampire Survivors, the more critical it is to be equipped for the hoards of enemies you’re bound to face throughout your game. As you explore new areas, you’ll find an array of new characters alongside weapons, which are ideal if you’re looking to shake up your powers, but you’ll need your weapon to coincide with the strength of the opposition, which is where weapon evolution comes in incredibly handy. Garlic is obtained by eating four floor chicken, so it’s bound to be one of the first weapons you unlock when playing, and the evolution process to utilize its strength further is pretty simple too. So, read on to discover how to evolve Garlic and harness its powers slightly further.

Can You Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors?

Garlic can be evolved into a weapon affectionately called Soul Eater by using a Pummarola, an item you will collect after surviving for 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese. It’s essential to remember that Garlic will need to be at max level before you attempt to evolve it, so it’s best to work with Garlic at every level until it reaches level 8, which is when you’ll be able to evolve it. And since Pummarola is a passive item, it’s pretty easy to unlock, so you’ll be able to evolve Garlic in no time as soon as this level is met.

While Garlic presents a damage-causing circle around the player when active, evolving the weapon into Soul Eater will increase the damage caused by its aura and circumference to ensure you’re dealing a decent amount of damage to any enemy approaching. In addition, enemies hit by the Soul Eater’s aura will be more susceptible to freeze and knockback attacks, so if you have an additional weapon on hand to deal status-effecting damage, paired with the Soul Eater could make you an unstoppable force.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023