Best Vampire Survivors Mods

Sink your fangs into these mods!

by Kara Phillips


Vampire Survivors showcases a stunning, retro experience in its visuals and gameplay, and it has rapidly become an incredibly popular roguelike shoot-em-up since its release. But that is not to say the game is perfect, and there are several elements that players are capable of changing through the use of mods. Usually, modding can be an overwhelming experience, given how many choices there are, so read on to find out which mods are the best for this game.

Top 5 Best Mods for Vampire Survivors

Despite Vampire Survivors being thoroughly enjoyed by its audience, players have been quick to create a library of mods to help give the game that little bit of extra flair. While most revolve around making the experience slightly less overwhelming, there is an excellent balance of humourous additions to the mix.

5. No Particles


The No Particles Mod is designed to reduce the amount of visual clutter on the screen by making most particles 100% transparent. So for the times you come face to face with what feels like thousands of enemies at once, this mod comes to the rescue. Given how certain fast-paced parts of Vampire Survivors feels, a simple mod like this one helps make the game feel significantly less overwhelming when you need it most.

4. Donald Duck


As the name suggests, this mod introduces Donald Duck as a playable character. He doesn’t initially seem like the type to bode well against hordes of enemies, but he can be a surprisingly refreshing addition to your cast if you utilize his strengths. However, due to his bad mood, he starts with a -10% luck bonus, which he makes up for through his armor stats. Each level you gain with Donald will result in a +1% recovery, and he has a +50% movement speed for those speedy getaways.

3. Chaotic Library


The Chaotic Library Mod implements a new version of the Inlaid Library map into the game alongside an endless mode where Death is removed. The ceiling and basement have been extended and filled with items and weapons to collect, so this mod is essentially a building block on top of the Endless Mode of the base game. If you’ve done your time with the maps the game provides, this mod may be the breath of fresh air you need. It’s incredibly easy to sink hours into, given its endless nature.

2. QoL Tweaks


This Quality of Life Mod adds elements to the game which you feel should’ve been there from the start. For example, gems and coins are magnetically attracted to your character to stop you from having to run around picking up the pieces, there are no particles to reduce visual clutter, and chests open instantly. So on the surface, you would usually ignore a lot of mechanics if they were included straight off the bat. They aren’t essential to make gameplay fun, but they make life much easier once they are included.

1. Lucky Egg


The Lucky Egg mod swaps out the game’s Golden Eggs, which are used to increase a random character stat when picked up, and replaces them with a guaranteed Luck Stat increase. So if you have a character like Donald out, these are essential items to locate and use as soon as possible. However, similarly to the original Golden Eggs, they only increase the statistic a small amount and won’t add any game-changing buffs to your characters. The reassurance of knowing which stat your characters will receive is essentially what this mod relies on.

As Vampire Survivors comes out of early access, a wider variety of mods will become available for players to download and implement into their playstyle, but for now — these are the best on the block. So whether you’re looking to better the quality of your experience, gain a little extra luck, or have a laugh with some random characters, these mods have got you covered.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC.

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