Vampire Survivors Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Let the surviving begin!

by Noah Nelson


Vampire Survivors, the hit single-stick retro action roguelike, has officially released with its 1.0 Patch. Vampire Survivors has left early access and has a lot of new content for new and old vampire slayers to enjoy. Here are the Vampire Survivors 1.0 Patch Notes.

All Updates in Vampire Survivors 1.0 Patch

Inspiring games like Soulstone Survivors in its wake, Vampire Survivors has captured an audience of gamers that have sunk hours upon hours playing just one more level. In Vampire Survivors, hordes of monsters constantly attack you until you are dead, but you are leveling up your character and unlocking new permanent abilities and characters.

If you’ve been playing Vampire Survivors early access, you’ll have unlocked a lot of characters and weapons already. Let’s get right into all the new stuff coming to Vampire Survivors Patch 1.0.

New Content in Vampire Survivors 1.0

There are numerous new additions coming to Vampire Survivors including an official Twitch Mode. To enable the Twitch Mode, go to Options, type in your Twitch channel name in the text box, and select the Twitch connect button. You’ll need a keyboard to do it.

Here is all of the new content coming to Vampire Survivors 1.0:

  • 1 new event stage
  • 1 new weapon
  • New skins for: Pugnala, Giovanna, Poppea, Concetta, and Mask of the Red Death.
  • New “Side B” soundtrack. Every Side B track unlocks together with the stage it belongs to.
  • New option for “blast processed” sound effects.
  • Added missing music tracks for Il Molise (and Boss Rash in 0.11.400)
  • Added 11 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Here are all of the new achievements coming to Vampire Survivors 1.0:

  • 3 achievements to fix existing unlocks:
      • Complete any 30 minutes stage with Gallo or Divano. [Unlocks: Bracelet]
      • Discover every standard evolution and union. [Unlocks: Candybox]
      • Evolve the Bracelet and then the Bi-Bracelet. [Unlocks: 500 gold]
  • 4 new achievements:
      • Find all the relics from all stages. 
      • Obtain Gracia’s Mirror. 
      • Obtain the Seventh Trumpet. 
      • See the final fireworks
  • Reduced level requirements for character achievements (reach LV 100 is now LV80, reach LV99 is now reach LV50)
  • Mindbender now unlocks at 50 COLLECTION items instead of 100

New Modes in Vampire Survivors 1.0

Vampire Survivors 1.0 has new modes and fixes for those modes. Here is the Vampire Survivors Inverse Mode:

  • Stages layout is upside down (can be disabled in Options) plus minor visual changes depending on the stage.
  • Gold gains are increased by 200%. Luck bonus of 20%.
  • Enemies start with +200% Max Health.
  • Enemies gain 5% Max Health every minute and 1% movement speed every 2 minutes (cumulative with the Bone Zone enemy bonuses).
  • The merchant also sells: Skip, Banish, and Reroll (can carry up to 20) and 1 extra Arcana.

Here is the Vampire Survivors Endless Mode:

  • The Reaper won’t spawn at the final minute.
  • Reaching the final minute of a stage will make the enemy waves to restart from minute 0, completing a “cycle”.
  • Enemies gain 100% of their base Max Health per cycle.
  • Enemies’ spawn frequency and amount is increased by 50% per cycle.
  • Enemies deal 25% more damage per cycle. The player’s max damage cap is diminished by 1 per cycle.
  • The merchant respawns on every cycle and sells “+1 Revival” instead of Golden Eggs.

All Bug Fixes in Vampire Survivors 1.0

Lastly, Vampire Survivors 1.0 comes with a slew of bug fixes and quality-of-life updates. Here are all of the bug fixes in Vampire Survivors 1.0:

  • New UI to show what relics are available in each stage
  • New UI to show what stages have been cleared for each character (plus option to turn it off)
  • New UI option to lock the selection of a music track so it persists between runs
  • Each rank in Banish and Reroll now grants 2 of them instead of 1.
  • Picking up an Orologion also slows down Gold Fever decay by 50%
  • Lightning Ring and Thunderloop are now affected by Arcana II – Twilight Requiem
  • Bracelet is now affected by arcana XIV – Jail of Crystal. Bi-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana II – Twilight Requiem. Tri-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
  • Reduced Sketamari’s HP recovery when absorbing other skeletons.
  • Increased XP gain in the early minutes of the Dairy Plant.
  • Increased base gold amount in treasure chests.
  • “Recovery” stat now also affects the potency of health recovery pickups.
  • Arcana II – Twilight Requiem’s explosions damage is now affected by Curse.
  • “quick start” now becomes available after unlocking the 5 main stages.
  • Capped all Limit break bonuses other than Might (this in particular is very open to suggestions in case it makes sense to increase some caps)

And those are all of the new additions that the Vampire Survivors 1.0 Patch Update brings. For more Vampire Survivors content, visit our Vampire Survivors page.

Vampire Survivors is available now on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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