How to Join Soulstone Survivors Early Access

When can I get my hands on Soulstone Survivors?

by Noah Nelson


If you have been enjoying Vampire Survivors, which made the top ten games you can play on Steam Deck, then you’ll love Soulstone Survivors. In Soulstone Survivors, you play as one of 21 characters, unlock hundreds of skills and weapons, and slay powerful bosses. If you are just as excited as we are and want to jump right in as soon as possible, here’s how to join the Soulstone Survivors Early Access.

How to Play Soulstone Survivors Early Access

The Soulstone Survivors Early Access has been announced. If you loved Vampire Survivors and want more, this is the game for you. Soulstone Survivors is a top-down action-RPG Roguelike where you control a hero and kill monsters. You level up, unlock new heroes, and gain access to new Curses and Runes as you play.

The early access for Soulstone Survivors starts on November 7, 2022. We have about a month until we can get our hands on the early access version of Soulstone Survivors. Though it will be early access, there will be dozens of heroes to try out and abilities to master.

Though we have a month until we have the early access, you can play Soulstone Survivors right now. The demo for Soulstone Survivors is available now on Steam. Soulstone Survivors is developed and published by a small indie game maker called Game Smithing Limited, so playing the demo and participating in the early access is invaluable for them.

To play the early access of Soulstone Survivors, add the game to your wishlist to get notified of when you can start downloading it. Though we aren’t sure if the early access will be free or cost you something, if you enjoy the demo and want this game to really soar, then any amount of money is worth it.

Soulstone Survivors will be available in early access on November 7, 2022, on PC.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2022

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