How to Fix Bonelab OpenXR Loader Error

Resolve one of the most common errors encountered by Bonelab!

by Marc Magrini


Bonelab gives VR fans the chance to explore a new world from Stress Level Zero. Players can fight against familiar enemies while using new mechanics such as the ability to swap avatars. However, some players might run into some issues, especially if they want to install mods. There have been a few cases of the game not launching for certain people thanks to an error with OpenXR. Players that run into this issue shouldn’t have to worry, however, as there are ways to fix the Bonelab OpenXR Loader error by tinkering with VR-specific settings.

Is it Possible to Fix the Bonelab OpenXR Loader Error?

As outlined in a Reddit post from one of the devs, it’s possible to fix this issue on Steam. If you encounter this issue, you’re likely using a version of OpenXR designed for Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus headsets. Here’s how to resolve the error:

  • With your headset connected, open SteamVR.
  • Access SteamVR settings. This can be done through the application that appears on the desktop when starting SteamVR.
  • Select the Developer tab and check the Current OpenXR Runtime. If you are able to change it, make sure it says SteamVR before continuing.

If you’ve followed these steps, you should have no further issues with the OpenXR Loader error. This issue may or may not occur even if the Runtime is not set to SteamVR, as both the game and various runtimes are still in the process of being updated and optimized. If you still encounter this error, your best bet is to reinstall Bonelab or SteamVR itself. A fresh installation will allow you to make sure everything is set up properly. If issues continue to occur even then, keep Bonelab’s high system requirements in mind. It’s possible that the game might simply not run if you don’t have a good computer or the right controllers.

Bonelab is available on PC systems capable of VR play.

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