How to Fix Dan Heng’s Door Not Opening in Honkai Star Rail

Are you stuck on the Trailblaze Continuance quest?

by Diego Perez
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Honkai Star Rail’s first Trailblaze Continuance mission, Future Market, debuted in the Version 1.4 update titled “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream.” These are the equivalent of Interlude Chapters in Genshin Impact, following up on the arcs from previous story missions and reuniting the Trailblazers of the Astral Express with old friends.

This time, the Astral Express returns to Jarilo-VI to enjoy a festival in Belobog. Before the festivities begin, however, you have to group up with March 7th and Dan Heng. Some players are encountering an issue where Dan Heng is overly shy and won’t come out of his room, and there’s no way to open the door. Thankfully, there’s a fix for this problem so you can wrap up the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 questline.

How to Fix Dan Heng’s Door Not Opening in Honkai Star Rail

If you’re unable to open Dan Heng’s door for the Future Market quest in Honkai Star Rail, then you need to finish some prerequisite quests beforehand. First, you need to have finished the entire main storyline from Version 1.3 before you can start this Trailblaze Continuance mission. Some players are encountering a bug where they still can’t open the door even though they’re caught up with the story, but there’s thankfully a workaround that you can try.

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If you still can’t open Dan Heng’s door even though you’re up to date with your Trailblaze Missions, then try doing Jingliu’s companion quest first. If you select it in your quest log, you may be told that some other quests conflict with it. Choose to free up those characters if you get that notification. After completing Jingliu’s questline, you should be able to start the Trailblaze Continuance mission and access Dan Heng’s room.

If that still doesn’t work for you, then you’ll unfortunately have to wait for Hoyoverse to patch this bug. You can try contacting customer support, but there are a lot of people experiencing this bug so it’s likely a known issue at this point. Even drastic measures like fully reinstalling Honkai Star Rail haven’t worked for some players, so you’re sadly out of luck at this point until a patch is released.

- This article was updated on October 11th, 2023

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