Honkai Star Rail Jingliu DPS Build | Best Light Cone, Artifacts, and Team Composition

This is the best Jingliu build in Honkai Star Rail.

by Diego Perez
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Jingliu, the former sword master of the Xianzhou Luofu and highly-anticipated 5-Star Destruction character, is finally here in Honkai Star Rail. As Jing Yuan’s mentor, she’s one of the strongest characters in the world of Honkai Star Rail and that translates perfectly to her gameplay. Jingliu is a Destruction Path character who deals Ice damage to enemies and siphons HP from her allies to massively increase her damage output. She’s one of the best characters in Honkai Star Rail, and this build will maximize her potential as an insanely powerful DPS character.

Best Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Build

Because of her built-in CRIT Rate boost, Jingliu is already capable of dealing more damage than most other Destruction units by default. This build will focus on boosting her CRIT DMG to take advantage of her built-in stats.

Jingliu excels at taking out crowds of enemies, but her abilities also deal massive single-target damage on top of that. Because of this, she’s well-suited for any combat encounter.

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Best Jingliu Light Cone

Image: Hoyoverse

Of course, the absolute best Light Cone for Jingliu is her signature “I Shall Be My Own Sword,” which increases her CRIT DMG by 20% and grants her stacks of Eclipse when allies are attacked. Each stack of Eclipse will boost the damage of Jingliu’s next attack by 14% (with a maximum of 3 stacks), and having the maximum of three stacks will cause Jingliu’s attack to ignore 12% of the target’s Defense on top of that.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you aren’t willing to pull for her signature Light Cone, then there are other 5-Star alternatives. Both “Something Irreplaceable” and “On the Fall of an Aeon” are perfect for Jingliu, with the former increasing her ATK while boosting HP and DMG with every kill and the latter increasing ATK after every turn. Both of these are available for F2P players.

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If you don’t have a spare 5-Star Light Cone to give Jingliu, the best 4-Star options are “Under the Blue Sky” and “Nowhere to Run.” Under the Blue Sky increases Jingliu’s ATK by 16% and further boosts her CRIT Rate by 12% when she defeats an enemy, while Nowhere to Run buffs her ATK by 24% and restores her HP when she defeats an enemy.

Relic and Stats

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best Relic set for Jingliu is the Ice-focused Hunter of Glacial Forest. The 2-piece bonus for this set increases Ice DMG by 10%, and the 4-piece bonus increases the user’s CRIT DMG by 25% after using their Ultimate. It’s easy to see why this is Jingliu’s best Relic set. If you don’t have a full Hunter of Glacial Forest set with good stats, then you can substitute the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set which just grants basic bonuses to ATK and SPD.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As for Planar Ornaments, Rutilant Arena is the way to go for Jingliu. It increases her CRIT Rate by 8% and boosts her ATK and Skill DMG by 20% if her overall CRIT Rate passes 70%, which is super easy to accomplish with her kit’s generous 50% CRIT Rate boost. You can also use Inert Salsotto, which does mostly the same thing but increases Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG instead of ATK and Skill DMG.

Best Jingliu Teams

Image: Hoyoverse

Jingliu can serve as a DPS hypercarry on your team, so your other three units should focus on supporting her. Also, since her attacks in the Spectral Transmigration state consume HP from her allies, her teammates should ideally have high Max HP stats. Every Jingliu team should have a good Abundance character to heal your team and a solid Preservation character to protect your allies.

Best Overall Jingliu Team Composition

If you have most of Honkai Star Rail’s 5-Star characters, then this Jingliu build is fantastic:

  • Jingliu
  • Bailu
  • Blade
  • Tingyun

Bailu is the best healer in the game and she has an insanely high Max HP stat, so she’s perfect for Jingliu’s team. The same goes for Blade, who scales off of Max HP and also deals insane damage. Tingyun is one of the best support units in the game and that’s especially true when paired with Jingliu since her Burst will help Jingliu generate more stacks of Syzygy.

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Gepard-Focused Team

Another team composition with just one standard banner 5-Star is:

  • Jingliu
  • Gepard
  • Tingyun
  • Pela

With this team composition, Gepard will shield the team while Tingyun buffs Jingliu and Pela debuffs enemies. It’s an Ice-centric team so it won’t work against every set of enemies, but you can always swap in Silver Wolf instead of Tingyun or Pela if you need to force an Ice weakness onto the enemies.

Best F2P Jingliu Team

Finally, here’s a solid F2P team composition for Jingliu:

  • Jingliu
  • Natasha
  • March 7th
  • Tingyun

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Natasha and March can be exceptionally useful units if you’ve built them correctly, so they’re more than capable of supporting Jingliu. With March 7th’s shields, you won’t have to worry about Jingliu siphoning too much HP from your team. Plus, Natasha can top everyone off and generate Skill Points with her normal attack. Finally, Tingyun is just too good of a buffer to not use with Jingliu.

- This article was updated on October 10th, 2023

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