Best Healers in Honkai Star Rail

The top two healers in Honkai

by Christian Bognar
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Those playing Honkai: Star Rail know how essential healers are to team composition and winning a challenging fight. Several healers are in the game, but only some are considered the best. Two healers go above and beyond and make a real difference in battle, and they are Natasha and Bailu. This guide will review these three healers and explain why we believe them to be the best for your team.

Top Healers in Honkai: Star Rail

Below you will find descriptions of Bailu and Natasha, along with descriptions of their skills. These skills can save you when your team is injured or knocked out — giving you a fighting chance.


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The best healer in the game is, without a doubt, Bailu. This healer is extremely rare and is a 5-star character with an incredibly low chance of pulling from a banner successfully. Still, if you ever get your hands on this character, you should always keep her in over other healers.

Bailu’s Singing Amoung Clouds skill fully heals a single target while randomly healing two other party members. While it doesn’t give you a choice to pick which two members get healed — it is beneficial when you find your whole team down on HP. Then she has her ultimate power, Felicitous Thunderleap, which heals everyone on your team while also granting a buff to everyone.

Lastly, Bailu’s hidden talent will revive a teammate when knocked out — bringing them back to action. While this happens occasionally and not always, it can be beneficial when one of your important teammates dies.

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Natasha isn’t as good as Bailu, but considering she is a fantastic healer offered to all players for free, she is worth mentioning. She has standout skills such as Love, Heal, and Choose, which heals a single target and continuously raises their health for the next two turns. Natasha also has a talent, Innovation, that boosts the potency of her single-target healing skill — making her save an injured teammate quickly.

Natasha’s ultimate skill, Gift of Rebirth, is excellent but can also be a pain for Natasha herself. The Gift of Rebirth skill grants everyone in the party health while deducting from her health bar. This can help if everyone in the party is wounded — but has to be used with the right timing as it will get Natasha closer to being knocked out.

- This article was updated on May 1st, 2023

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