All Free Honkai Star Rail Characters and How to Get Them

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by Christian Bognar
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Honkai: Star Rail uses the same pull mechanic as Genshin Impact when acquiring playable characters. While this system can be fun, much of it comes down to luck and even sometimes requires real-world money if you are looking for a rarer character. The good news is that Honkai: Star Rail offers eight free characters available for players! This guide will go over all eight free characters and how to unlock them in-game.

How to Unlock All Free Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

Below are all the free characters currently available for Honkai: Star Rail and how to unlock each. Next to their name you will also see the character type.

  • Trailblazer – Starter character (Destruction, Physical).
  • March 7th – Starter character (Preservation, Ice).
  • Dan Heng – Starter character (Hunt, Wind).
  • Asta – Guaranteed pull from gacha tutorial. (Harmony, Fire).
  • Serval – Acquired through in-game message as a pre-registration reward.
  • Herta – Acquired after completing the simulated universe: first closed beta. (Erudition, Ice).
  • Natasha – Acquired after completing “Lying in Rust.” (Abundance, Ice).
  • Qingque – Acquired after reaching level 21 and clearing “Forgotten Hall – Memory Stage 3.” (Erudition, Quantum).

How to Claim Serval for Free in Honkai Star Rail

Serval can be obtained after completing the quest “A Moment of Piece.” This activity falls under the first Trailblaze mission. Follow the steps below to open the pre-registration message and claim Serval (Erudition, Lightning).

  1. Hit pause to open the main game menu.
  2. Click on mail on the far right-hand side.
  3. Open the mail titled “Honkai Star Rail pre-registration and social media follower rewards.”
  4. Click on the claim.

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Some free characters can be created into extremely powerful builds — through Light Cones, Relics, and Team Composition. To help out in that regard, we have build guides ready to go to give you a headstart in the process.

Check out how to create the best Asta build, the most substantial Serval build, the top Natasha build, and the best Trailblazer build! Moving these builds even further can be done through the ascending mechanic, which increases the level cap of your characters.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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