Does Honkai Star Rail Have a Pity System? Explained

Show us some pity, Honkai.

by Christian Bognar
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Honkai: Star Rail features classic gacha mechanics where players must pull and use their luck to collect rare characters or items. Since there is a lot of chance and time involved in these pulls, players wonder whether the game includes a pity system to make this process more forgiving. This guide will cover everything you need regarding a pity system in Honkai: Star Rail.

Is There a Pity System in Honkai: Star Rail?

To put it simply — yes, Honkai: Star Rail has a pity system. This system rewards players with successful pulls the more they invest in the gacha system. In other words, the game has a threshold that guarantees a player will receive a specific item or character with high rarity for all the time they have spent pulling. Fans of Genshin Impact are no strangers to the pity system, and the good news is that this system works in a similar fashion.

How Does the Pity System Work in Honkai: Star Rail?

The pity system guarantees a four or 5-star pull from the system depending on the type of warp the player will participate in. We have created this table below to give you an idea of how this pity system works for each warp available.

BannerFour-Star PityFive-Star Pity
Character Event Warp10 Warps90 Warps
Light Cone Event Warp10 Warps80 Warps
Stellar Warp10 Warps90 Warps
Departure Warp10 Warps50 Warps

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The number of warps is the maximum the game will allow before guaranteeing you a four or five-star character or item. Keep in mind that once you receive a five-star pull, then your pity will reset back to zero, considering you just received a rare character or item. This is the game’s way of making the pity system fair and doesn’t make it too easy to pull four or five stars.

So, all in all, the pity system is designed in the most fair way possible by the looks of it. Sometimes it can be highly frustrating continuing to pull and coming out on the other end with not what you are looking for. This pity system comforts players that the game cares about their time and will reward them accordingly for putting in the effort.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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