The Best Pela Support Build In Honkai: Star Rail | Best Light Cones, Relics, and Team Composition

Check out how to build the game's best 4-star debuffer!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: HoYoverse, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

In Honkai: Star Rail, having a great debuffer is just as important as having a great DPS. And no 4-star in that department is better than Pela, given her ability to massively decrease the defense of your enemies as well as deal considerable Ice damage. But how should you build her? Now, here’s the best Pela Build In Honkai: Star Rail.

The Best Relics and Planar Ornaments for Pela

Taking into account her high overall attack (when compared to other 4-stars of similar roles) as well as her ability to remove buffs from targets with her skill, apply Exposed on all targets for 2 turns after performing her Ultimate, as well as lower their Ice resistance of targets by 12% (once her fourth Eidolon is unlocked), the best overall set for Pela will be either a 4-piece Hunter of Glacial Forest or a 2-piece Hunter of Glacial Forest + a 2-ice Thief of Shooting Meteor.

While the 4-piece set will increase her damage by a mile by increasing her Ice DMG by 10% and her CRIT DMG after making use of her Ultimate by 25%, the mixed set will increase her Ice DMG by 10% and her ability to break targets (Break Effect) by 16%.

Planar Ornament-wise, our best pick would be Inert Salsotto. The ornament is our main pick as it will increase her CRIT Rate by 8%, all while also allowing you to further raise her CRIT DMG by 15% once her Rate value surpasses 50%.

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Best Stats and Substats

As Pela will need to make constant use of her Ultimate in order to actively debuff targets as well as taking into account her damage potential, we recommend that you focus on a CRIT Rate body and Speed Feet. An Ice DMG Planar Sphere and either an Energy Regeneration Rate or ATK Link Rope would also be our main picks.

You can check out the best stats for each Relic and Planar Ornament piece, below:

  • Head: HP%
  • Hands: ATK%
  • Body: CRIT Rate
  • Feet: Speed / ATK%
  • Planar Sphere: Ice DMG
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate / ATK

Substat-wise, we recommend that you focus on CRIT Rate / DMG, ATK, and Speed.

The Best Light Cones for Pela

The best overall Light Cone for support Pela is the 4-star Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat. The Cone is our main pick as it will give her a 60% chance to apply Ensnared on enemies after every attack (lv.1). Once Ensnared, enemies will have their defense lowered by 12% during the next turn (lv1).

On the other hand, if you are looking to build Pela as support capable of both debuffing and dealing increased amounts of damage, the 5-star Light Cone In the Name of the World would be our main pick. The Light cone sets itself apart as it is both the only 5-star of its kind currently in the game, as well as the best of its kind damage-wise.

When equipped, In the Name of the World will increase Pela’s DMG against debuffed enemies by 24%, While also increasing her Skill’s Effect Rate by 18% and her ATK by 24%. As a 5-star, the cone will also offer a great boost when compared to the stats of its 4-star counterparts.

To recap, here are the best Light Cones for Pela, as well as a good 3-star pick:

  • Best Overall for Support: Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat (4-star)
  • Best Overall for DPS: In the Name of the World (5-star)
  • Best Alternative: We Will Meet Again (4-star)
  • Best 3-star: Mechanism

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Best Team Compositions for Pela in Honkai: Star Rail

In our opinion, Pela works the best as a main debuffer in teams featuring at least one tank —Clara, Gepard. or the Trailblazer (Preservation. In Clara’s case, her ability to deal mainly off-turn damage also allows her to make full use of Pela debuffs (when paired with agroo-focused buffs or Light Cones).

After unlocking her fourth Eidolon, Pela also becomes the best overall debuffer for teams featuring Yanking, as she will be to both remove buffs as well as decrease the Ice resistance of targets by 12% after using her Skill.

That aside, her ability to actively debuff makes her a worthwhile addition to any team, no matter if you are facing enemies in the open or facing the latter floors of the Forgotten Hall.

This build guide was made during Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.0.

- This article was updated on May 6th, 2023

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