Best 5-Star Characters in Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

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by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In true Gacha fashion, Honkai Star Rail players are able to take on the field as a wide array of both 4 and 5-star characters. But who are the best 5-star characters in the game? Now, here are all 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail, ranked.

The Best 5-Star Characters in Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

11. Trailblazer (Destruction)

Image: HoYoverse

As the game’s base 5-star as well as the first character you will permanently unlock after beginning your playthrough, the Trailblazer goes against the current by being a really solid pick for those looking for a 5-star Physical DPS.

Overall, their biggest strength lies in their ability to deal massive physical damage in all stages of the game, while also allowing players to tune their playstyle depending on the scenarios faced.

10 Gepard

Image: HoYoverse

In tenth place, we have Gepard, a great support capable of successfully aggroing enemies as well as generating shields for the party. He is also one of the only characters in the game to be able to revive himself at E0.

For those who were not able to get Bailu and thus get two healers, Gepard is also the only character currently in the game capable of excelling while filling in for a dedicated healer in the latter stages of the Forgotten Hall.

With that said, although he has in his survivability his biggest strength (as expected of the game’s best tank), his inability to work in the early game given his low native speed and his subpar Energy generation makes him a niche character (at least for now).

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9. Welt

Image: HoYoverse

The former Herrscher of Reason, Welt is the game’s only Imaginary character as well as one of its best debuffers/offensive supports, given his ability to deal large chunks of damage under specific conditions and massively slow down enemies.

With his Retribution trace unlocked, Welt also becomes able to lower the resistance of targets, a feat which makes him a great addition to any teams focused on dealing single target damage. His ability to actively slow down targets also makes him the best in-game support for Dan Heng.

8. Himeko

Image: HoYoverse

In eighth place we have Himeko, who can be considered the game’s best multi-target DPS given her high overall damage and ability to deal both frequent and highly damaging follow-up attacks while also constantly applying DoT.

Overall, Himeko has her ability to quickly deal with mobs and break shields as her biggest strengths, as it will allow you to fully focus on set targets (for example bosses) and thus make full use of your single target DPS or DPS’.

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7. Trailblazer (Preservation)

Image: HoYoverse

A character capable of working as both a shielder and a great multi-target DPS, the Trailblazer (Preservation) is a character who has their adaptability and utility as their biggest strengths, given their ability to decrease the damage suffered by allies, taunt enemies effectively, heal themselves, and deal massive damage once their first Eidolon is unlocked.

As the game’s protagonist, you will be able to unlock all of the Trailblazer’s Eidolons by playing the game.

6. Clara

Image: HoYoverse

A DPS/tank like no other in the game, Clara’s biggest source of damage lies in her counter mechanic, which allows Svarog to retaliate against the attacker after Clara suffers targeted. The counter can then be further enhanced by performing her Ultimate, which decreases the damage she takes and massively increases Svarog’s damage.

For those still in the early game and thinking of rerolling after getting Clara, don’t, as she is the game’s most beginner-friendly 5-star, as well as one capable of successfully countering all kinds of enemies who rely on shields in the Simulated Universe.

In order to bring the most out of her, using a shielder is obligatory.

5. Bailu

Image: HoYoverse

In fifith place, we have Bailu, who is both the game’s only 5-star healer as well as its current best.

Overall, Bailu’s ability to heal multiple characters for massive amounts at once, lower the damage received by allies, as well as to revive up to 1 teammate per battle as her biggest strengths, make her an indispensable addition to any team as well as a great upgrade when compared to Natasha.

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4. Yanqing

Image: HoYoverse

A CRIT machine as well as the game’s best single target DPS for bosses, Yanqing is a character who has in his CRIT-focused set, high innate Speed, and his ability to deal extra damage to enemies while under his Soulsteel Sync state or if the target is weak to Ice as his biggest strengths.

Overall, Yanqing is a unit capable of excelling in all the stages of the game and in all manners of compositions, given his ability to actively CRIT and freeze targets.

3. Seele

Image: HoYoverse

Seele is a unit who although not able to excel in the early game (given her need for CRIT), is the game’s undisputed best single-target DPS in both mid and late-game scenarios given her massive damage output and massive speed.

Her biggest strength lies in her Resurgence Talent, which allows her to both get an extra turn after dealing a killing blow and also increases her overall damage by a massive amount. Only 1 extra attack can be triggered per turn.

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2. Jing Yuan

Image: HoYoverse

The game’s best multi-target DPS as well as an excellent single-target one, Jing Yuan is a character who has the ability to allow you to deal a truly overwhelming number of highly damaging attacks per rotation, thanks to his Lightning Lord mechanic.

But be advised, as although he is a unit capable of nuking any enemy, Jing Yuan is considered a prime selfish DPS, which means that in order to bring the best out of him you will need a team fully focused on enabling his Ultimate and in allowing him to generate as many Lighting Lord hits as possible during every turn.

1. Bronya

Image? HoYoverse

Bronya is considered by a large chunk of the fanbase —including me personally— as the best overall support in Honkai: Star Rail, given her ability to boof your team’s damage by 10% from the get-go and allow your DPS’ to take on the field twice in the same rotation through the use of her Skill.

And if that was not enough, Bronya can also massively increase the CRIT DMG and ATK of your whole team through the use of her Ultimate.

True to the game’s lore as well as to the Honkai series, Bronya can also be considered the best overall support for Seele, as her Skill will allow Seele to take on the field one more time and thus perform up to 5 moves during a single rotation (4 Normal/Skill + Ultimate) in certain scenarios.

This list was made while playing Honkai: Star Rail (Ver 1.0) on PC and will be constantly updated as new 5-star characters become playable.

- This article was updated on May 24th, 2023

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