Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Release Date, Banners, Events, and Overview

Everything you need to know about Version 1.4.

by Diego Perez
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Honkai Star Rail’s next update is nearly here, and Version 1.4 “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” is set to be one of the biggest patches to Hoyoverse’s turn-based space gacha RPG yet. While the main storyline has slowed down over the release of the last few updates, things are picking up steam in Version 1.4. The same rapid-release cadence of events is set to continue as well, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the next Honkai Star Rail update. Here’s everything new in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4, including a full recap of the special program livestream.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4 Release Date

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4 “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” will officially launch on Wednesday, October 11. However, the patch will be available the evening before on Tuesday, October 10 in the United States as per usual. You’ll be able to preload the update ahead of time in order to jump into the game as soon as the servers come back online, and Stellar Jades will be provided as compensation for the typical maintenance downtime as expected.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Banners

You can use those free Stellar Jades to pull for some of Honkai Star Rail’s new characters debuting in Version 1.4. There are two new 5-Star featured characters as per usual, and a new 4-Star face is joining the cast as well.

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Phase 1 Banner: Jingliu

Image: Hoyoverse

The first character event banner of Honkai Star Rail Version 1.4 will feature the new Ice Destruction character Jingliu. The boosted 4-Stars on her banner are Luka, Sushang, and newcomer Guinaifen, a Fire Nihility character. This banner will run from Wednesday, October 11 through Wednesday, November 1.

Phase 2 Banners: Topaz and Seele

Image: Hoyoverse

Once the first banner expires, it will be replaced by a second character event warp featuring Topaz & Numby, a dynamic duo that deals Fire damage and follows the Hunt Path. The boosted 4-Stars remain the same, so you’ll have an extra chance to add Guinaifen to your roster or get Eidolons for Luka and Sushang.

Image: Hoyoverse

Version 1.4 also brings Honkai Star Rail’s first-ever rerun banner, which will be live alongside the Topaz & Numby banner during the second phase of the update. Seele is back for the first time, and those who missed out on her during the first few weeks of Honkai Star Rail can finally get one of the best DPS characters in the game. Both banners will run from Wednesday, November 1 until Tuesday, November 21. They’ll be there until Version 1.5 releases, basically.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Events

Image: Hoyoverse

There are 5 events taking place during Version 1.4 of Honkai Star Rail, with 2 major events and 3 minor ones. Firstly, Gift of Odyssey is returning and granting players 10 free pulls, perfect for building pity toward Jingliu or Topaz & Numby. Planar Fissure is also coming back, bringing double Planar Ornament drops in the Simulated Universe. On top of that, Realm of the Strange will reward double Relic rewards from Caverns of Corrosion during Version 1.4.

Aetherium Wars

Image: Hoyoverse

The first real event of Version 1.4 is Aetherium Wars, which has you controlling Belobog’s Silvermane Guards in special tournament battles. Aetherium Wars is the most influential online gaming brand in the Honkai Star Rail universe, and Jarilo-VI is the home of its next tournament. Compete to earn Stellar Jades, Tracks of Destiny, and more rare resources.

Planar Infinity

Image: Hoyoverse

Following Aetherium Wars, the Planar Infinity event will begin. This is another Simulated Universe-centric event involving Herta and the Genius Society. You’ll explore experimental planes of the Simulated Universe with event-exclusive Blessings to earn Stellar Jades and the usual major event rewards. It seems like it’ll be an easy one since the new Blessings provided really good buffs.

New Areas and Missions in Honkai Star Rail 1.4

Image: Hoyoverse

As a part of the new Trailblaze Missions coming in the update, Version 1.4 of Honkai Star Rail will add two new areas. The Old Weapon Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation were teased with mysterious screenshots, but Trailblazers will, unfortunately, have to wait until the patch is released to learn more about these new zones.

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Story enjoyers will also be treated to a new Companion Mission centered around Jingliu and a new Trailblaze Continuance Mission involving Topaz & Numby. Companion Missions are nothing new, but Trailblaze Continuance Missions seem to be Honkai Star Rail’s equivalent to Genshin Impact’s Interlude Chapters. We aren’t visiting any new planets just yet in Honkai Star Rail, but Topaz & Numby’s quest will likely set up the events leading to the Astral Express’ next destination.

Image: Hoyoverse

There’s also a new “story replay” feature coming in Version 1.4, but it’s not what you think. It’s not a way to replay old quests and relive your favorite Honkai Star Rail moments. Instead, it’s just a way to reread the log during dialogue in case you weren’t paying attention or forgot what was said. It’s a minor quality-of-life feature, but it’s still appreciated.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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