Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen: Release Date, Banner, Kit, and Leaks

All information you need for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail.

by Christian Bognar
Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen
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Guinaifen is an unreleased four-star character, and recent leaks have revealed what to expect when she releases. If you’re excited about this new Honkai Star Rail character, we have everything you need to know. This guide will cover Guinaifen’s leaked kit, abilities, Eidolons, and more.

Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

Guinaifen is a four-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail who is part of the Nilhility Path. The Nilhility Path characters are known to debuff enemies, making her a valuable new character that players will want to get their hands on. Reliable leakers have stated that the background of Guinaifen is that she is a street performer, which is pretty cool.

Below, we will review all leaked information regarding Guinaifen, starting with the release date. Use the table of contents to jump around this page quickly.

Table of Contents

Release Date for Guinaifen

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation for a release date for Guinaifen in Honkai: Star Rail. With that said, this new four-star character is expected to be released sometime in October 2023 in version 1.4.

Eidolons for Guinaifen

Eidolons are essential to any character in Honkai: Star Rail and make each character unique. The leaked Eidolons for Guinaifen are looking great so far, and we have all of them in the grid below.

Guinaifen EidolonInformation
Eating Noodles Upside DownThe damage dealt by the ultimate is increased by ?%.
Whistling while Brushing TeethEvery time the Burn state applied by Guinaifen causes damage, she restores 7 energy to herself.
Boulder SmashingUltimate lvl +2 up to a maximum of lvl 15. Basic attack lvl +1, up to a maximum of lvl 10.
Neck-PullingWhen Guinaifen applies Burn to an enemy, there will be a ?% fixed chance to increase the DoT DMG received by the enemy target by ?%. Lasts for 7 turns.
Sword-SwallowingSkill lvl +2, up to a maximum of lvl 15. Talent lvl +2, up to a maximum of lvl 15.
Bullet CatchingWhen using the Skill, there is a ?% fixed chance to increase the Fire DMG received by the main target by ?% for ? turns.

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All Abilities and Kit for Guinaifen

Considering Guinaifen walks the Nilhility Path and is a fire character, her abilities focus on debuffing while also applying Fire DMG to enemies. The skills mentioned below have been leaked from a credible source and are shown on the official Reddit page for Honkai: Star Rail leaks.

A Full House of SplitsBasic AttackDeals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to a target enemy.
A Good StartEnhanced Basic AttackDeals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to a single enemy if the target is inflicted with burn will trigger both the burn on the target and burn DMG on adjacent enemies equal to Guinaifen’s talent scaling.
A Show for YouSkillDeals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to all enemies on the field.
In ancient times, gentlemen raised artistsUltimateWhen Guinaifen casts an Bassic Attack, Skill, Ultimate and Technique, it will cause the target to fall into the “Fire Swallowing” state for 2 turns. When a target in the “Fire Swallowing” state suffers Fire DMG, there is ?% base chance that it will apply burn and cleanse the “Fire Swallowing” state. Enemies with Burn will receive DoT DMG equal to ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK at the beginning of each turn for ? turns.
Juggling TricksTechniqueAttack enemies immediately and deals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to random enemies, dealing additional ?% DMG afterwards
Margin PolePassive TalentWhen Guinaifen’s casts a skill, it deals DMG equivalent of ?% of her Basic Attack DMG on 1 random adjacent target of the chosen enemy target.
Narrow CastPassive TalentGuinaifen’s Effect Hit Rate increases by ?%
Over the FrontPassive TalentDamage dealt to enemy targets within Burn state is increased by ?%.

That’s all you need to know about Guinaifen coming to Honkai: Star Rail. Like most leaked characters, more information will be revealed in the future, so keep up to date by bookmarking the Honkai: Star Rail leaks Reddit page.

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- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2023

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