Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae: Release Date, Banner, Materials, and Kit

Are you wanting all the details about Imbibitor Lunae, the alternate version of Dan Heng in Honkai: Star Rail?

by Gordon Bicker
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Honkai: Star Rail has plenty of characters to earn, and there are also seven element types to get used to — “Imaginary” is an element that will be used by Imbibitor Lunae for example. Many players will be on the hunt for more information about this character but we have you covered. This article will take you through everything you need to know about Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae in Honkai: Star Rail.

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae in Honkai Star Rail

Imbibitor Lunae is simply the alternate form of Dan Heng so the gameplay will feel familiar to you in many ways but have plenty of new twists. There is a lot to break down about each ability and there are other details you will be looking for such as Release Dates. I have written all of the information below for you in different sections for you to browse through whatever part is most relevant to what you’re looking for.

Release Date

Imbibitor Lunae will be released alongside the debut of Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3, which is set for release on August 30, 2023.

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The Imbibitor Lunae Banner will be the first limited Banner of Version 1.3. It will run for a little over two weeks before being replaced by Fu Xuan’s Banner.

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If you pull (use the Banner), there is a 50% chance that the first 5-star character you receive from the Banner will be Imbibitor Lunae. If for any reason you don’t get Imbibitor Lunae from your first pull of the Banner, I am glad to let you know that you are guaranteed to get him in your next five-star character warp.

Ascension and Trace Materials

If you are wanting to upgrade Imbibitor Lunae to the best he can be (and who wouldn’t?) then you will be needing his Ascension and Trace Materials. At the time of writing, these materials are pre-release information from across the community but is highly likely they will be correct when Dan Heng’s Imbibtor Lunae does release for Honkai Star Rail.

The table below has all of the materials listed for you so you can make a start on gathering what you can. This article will be updated upon Imbibitor Lunae’s release if there are any other materials instead.

Ascension MaterialsTrace Materials
Five Immortal Scionette41 Immortal Scionette
65 Suppressing Edict58 Immortal Lumintwig
15 Immortal LumintwigThree Million Credits
15 Immortal Aeroblossom18 Shattered Blade
300,000 Credits69 Lifeless Blade
N/A56 Immortal Aeroblossom
N/A139 Worldbreaker Blade
N/A12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
N/AEight Tracks of Destiny


Eidolons are vitally important for any character and truly will stand you out from the rest of the pack. Imbibitor Lunae has great Eidolons which make him a brilliant choice for many combat scenarios that you will be dealing with.

Imbibitor Lunae Eidolon NameInformation
Banners of DominionThis will make it so that whenever you use your Ultimate, an action is Advanced Forward for 100% and you will also get an extra Squama Sacrosancta.
Tether the SkyThis will increase Righteous Heart Stacks by four and then for any hit you make each attack, you gain an extra stack.
Outbound DragonlingThe buffs given by “Dominating Roar” will last until the end of the next turn instead.
Cumulus PennantsYou will gain a “+2” to your skill level up to a max of skill level 15. Along with this, you get a “+1” increase to your Basic Attack up to a maximum of level 10.
Lofty HubrisGain a Talent Level “+2” up to level 15. Alongside this you will get an Ultimate Level “+2” increase but again only up to level 15.
The Divine Dragon ReturnsWhenever any of your allies use an Ultimate, Imbibitor Lunae’s Imaginary RES PEN of the Fulgurant Leap Blast attack will then increase for 20% up to a total of three stacks.

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All Abilities and Kit for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae

The Imbibitor Lunae form of Dan Heng walks the Destruction Path and is also equipped with the element/type of Imaginary. Imbibitor Lunae is five-star which will make him a highly sought-after character. The ability information of Imbibitor Lunae has been known for some time because of the leak on Reddit. Listed below are all of Imbibitor Lunae’s abilities.

UnrestrainedSkillThis will enhance your Basic Attack value and they can be added up to three times. When you enhance by one, it will turn your basic attack into Transcendence. If you enhance a second time that will turn the basic attack into Divine Spear. For the third enhancement, it will turn your basic attack into Fulgurant Leap.
Beneficent LotusBasic AttackThis is a two-hit attack that can be used against a singular enemy. It will apply 130% of your base attack damage.
Righteous HeartTalentYou will gain a stack of Righteous Heart after every hit during an attack. Any Righteous Heart increases Imbibitor Lunae’s damage by 12.5%.
Divine Spear (Blast)Basic AttackThis will be a five-hit attack and deal 190% of your base attack damage to an enemy. After the fourth attack, 30% of your attack power will be given to other enemies next to your chosen target.
Heaven-Quelling PrismadrakonTechniqueYou will enter the Leaping Dragon state with this technique for a total of 20 seconds.
TranscendenceBasic AttackThis is a three-hit attack that deals Imaginary damage of 130% equal to your base attack damage.
Fulgurant Leap (Blast)Basic AttackA massive seven-hit attack and it will deal Imaginary damage of 250% equal to your base attack damage. However, after the fourth attack hit, 90% of the damage will be applied to the enemies next to your chosen target.
Concealed Star TraceYou will automatically gain/regenerate a total of 15 energy at the start of any battle.
Reining in the Flood TraceThis will increase your chance of resisting any “Crowd Control” debuffs by 35%.
Stirring Dragon, Unveiled LegendTraceYour Crit Rate will be increased by a total of 12% while you damage enemy targets with an Imaginary weakness attached.
Cleansing of the World (Blast)UltimateThis will have a three-hit attack and deal your elemental Imaginary damage for an equal of 360% to your general attack for one enemy target. However, it will also apply 168% of your attack to enemies next to your chosen target. Along with this, you will gain two Squama Sacrosancta.

Now that you know everything that Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae has in terms of abilities, you will be prepared to utilize them in the most efficient ways when Imbitor Lunae releases in Honkai: Star Rail.

- This article was updated on August 11th, 2023

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