Honkai Star Rail Players Are Obsessed With Trash Cans

Trashcans are the new famous sight in Honkai Star Rail!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: miYoHo

Trash cans…we’re all familiar with them, we all know their use: except some Honkai Star Rail players have taken those uses to the next level. When there are gorgeous starry sights like the ones above in the game, the last thing anyone would expect would be for trashcans to take the limelight but oh — they do. There is lots to learn and we will explain what the hype is based on with the Honkai Star Rail trashcans.

As per usual with a lot of community stories, many players flocked to Reddit to discuss the trash cans and make memes about their popularity. Ninini_nil even made custom art based on the trash can phenomenon that has players on the edge of their seats. If you interact with the same trash cans a number of times, you may just find some incredibly humorous dialogue awaits.

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Moments like these where the unexpected happens in games are always something that players can appreciate: the little touches that make up a larger whole of the experience. In the instance of Honkai Star Rail, trash cans have gotten this treatment and rightly so. Why would people not be obsessed with trashcans that talk back? The memes are certainly warranted and the community is loving it.

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Some trash cans even reward players with items for their troubles of deciding to spend their evening talking in their heads amicably with a trashcan. While others may be more concerned with the impending doom of civilization across the stars, you can rest happily knowing you’ve made an impression on a trash can today.

Players are enjoying finding more trashcans across the game and that trend is likely to continue. It could be you next who decides to go on a great trashcan hunt in Honkai Star Rail, along with thousands of other players in spirit.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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