How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Stuck at Title Screen

Don't let a false start ruin your first outing in the new HoYoverse game!

by J.R. Waugh
Honkai Star Rail Stuck Title Screen Fix
Image: HoYoverse, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

Honkai Star Rail is the newest blockbuster HoYoverse entry to hit mobile devices and PC. The game, taking a turn-based approach to combat while retaining many familiar aspects for those who love Genshin Impact, has been a long-awaited release. After a year and a half from its first unveiling, players eagerly downloaded the game and even were delighted to know they could play early, but were stopped in their tracks. If you run into a problem where you’re stuck at the title screen for Honkai: Star Rail, we have the fix for you.

How Do You Fix the Stuck at Title Screen Issue in Honkai: Star Rail?

If you just installed Honkai: Star Rail, close it, then open it again either on mobile or PC, as it likely reminded you that the game needs to reset to fix this issue. Chances are, it’s as easy a fix as that. If not, there are several fixes you can consider:

HSR Title Screen Fix on PC

Here are some common troubleshooting tricks if the above fix didn’t work:

  • Reboot your PC
  • Run the Honkai: Star Rail launcher as admin
  • Double-check your internet connection: consider power-cycling your router or modem
  • Check your driver software and make sure everything is up-to-date

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If all else fails, reinstall, 20GB isn’t as intense as some game install sizes have been in recent years.

How to Fix HSR Stuck at Title Screen Issue on Mobile

If playing on a mobile device, it’s a good call to make sure it can handle the game, as HoYoverse games can sometimes cause devices to run super-hot trying to keep up. Beyond that, try the following fixes:

  • Reboot your mobile device
  • Go to your Honkai: Star Rail app settings, and clear the cache
  • Double-check wireless connection similar to for PC

Again, if all else fails, reinstall. We’re all eager to play, don’t let these issues get you down. You’ll be getting into the action and getting those righteous pulls soon!

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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