How to Fix “Disconnected” Error in Overwatch 2: Common Solutions and Fixes

Another Overwatch 2 Issue to Fix!

by Gordon Bicker


Overwatch 2 has quite the reputation for throwing up error codes and having technical issues. The game itself is an incredible experience and always allows players to expand their skills such as learning how to hover with Pharah. However, having a technical issue that can halt some game functionality is extremely undesirable. These would be issues that developers seek to fix as quickly as they can. Nonetheless, we still all have a chance of encountering them until a fix is implemented. This article will take you over how to fix the “Disconnected” error you may get in Overwatch 2.

Fixing the Disconnected Error in Overwatch 2

The process of fixing a disconnect error in Overwatch 2 is similar to other games. The table below compiles some of the best solutions for fixing the error.

“Disconnected” Error Fix Solution Description
Restarting the Game This is an extremely simple method and it is also one of the most effective. Generally, a full reboot tends to sometimes help with “Disconnected” errors.
Reset your Internet Connection/Router Another fix is to reset your internet router. This will make sure that your connection is going to be as stable as possible and of course, working. If the internet wasn’t working before, that is likely why you would get the “Disconnected” Error.
Check for Updates The next phase of fixing a “Disconnected” error is to check for any updates for Overwatch 2. If there is an update, that will likely be the prime cause of the error.
Waiting for Server Maintenance to End More often than not, the cause of the error isn’t on your side but the developer’s side. This is because when the developers take the game down for maintenance you will be disconnected from the servers until they are back up.

It is a pesky technical issue that definitely has the potential to get on some players’ nerves. Although it should be noted that these sorts of issues can occur in many other games too. Of course, if it is server maintenance causing the disconnect error, there are excellent ways to find out quickly if Overwatch 2 is down and check the server status.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2022

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