How to Fix Missing Companions in Starfield

Are you wondering how to get your missing companions back in Starfield?

by Gordon Bicker
Image from Starfield on the player's ship with Sarah Morgan as a companion present and the player character in the background.
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Starfield has various complex systems to get used to as many triple-a games have nowadays and one of these is the companion system which can have a few issues every so often. If you have had companions suddenly disappear, I can assure you that you aren’t the only one and you will be able to get them back. This article will take you through how to bring your companions back again in Starfield.

Easiest Way to Get Missing Companions Back in Starfield

The quickest method by far is done through the ship crew assigning feature. Open up the main overview menu and then go to your ship menu. From there, go to the “Crew” menu and unassign your missing companion (don’t worry they will keep weapons), then assign them to your main ship again.

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Once you have done that, visit your ship, and your companion should be present to talk to again and bring with you. This should solve the issue you were having with your missing companion. One thing to note is that if they still aren’t present, I recommend sleeping or waiting for a full day in-game (24 hours) and then checking the ship again or trying the process over again.

Some have also reported that there is a quest to actually get missing companions back but we haven’t been able to confirm this as of yet. What there has been concrete proof of from the Attack of the Fanboy team is that during quests where companions aren’t allowed, you will get a pop-up about retrieving companions that automatically completes itself after you finish the associated quest.

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However, if there is actually a quest related to missing companions, you can go to your quests and then navigate to the “Activities” section. Within there, a quest titled “Retrieve Your Companion” should be present for you if it exists and you can track the quest. I would then just recommend using the “Set Course” function if available so that you can reach whichever location is designated quickly. During the quest, you are presumably able to get back your companion. For now, though, I would focus on using the crew-assigning method.

Why Do Starfield Companions Go Missing?

It is unknown currently why Starfield companions go missing but it is very likely to be a glitch of some kind. I personally recall a similar bug to this happening in Skyrim with Aela (a follower/companion) disappearing for no apparent reason. Since Starfield will use similar follower systems to previous Bethesda Games titles, it is a possibility some little issues could have made their way through too.

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Nevertheless, you now know how to fix missing companions in Starfield so you won’t have to worry about this anymore on your galactic travels!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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