All 15 Optional Starfield Companion and Crew Member Locations

Grow your crew.

by Diego Perez
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A captain is nothing without their crew, and you can grow your Starfield crew with several optional companions outside of the core Constellation group that you meet throughout the main campaign. While there are multiple generic crew members like “Outpost Engineering Specialist” or “Particle Beams Specialist,” there are a handful of named companions that can be recruited throughout the Settled Systems with their own unique backstories and quests. You can completely miss these characters though, so we’ve got your back with a list of them all.

How to Recruit Optional Starfield Companions

Recruitable companions are always found at bars on each planet in Starfield. Bars are always located near Spaceports and contain Mission Boards and Bounty Clearance Kiosks, which is why they attract so many adventuring types. Here’s a list of all 15 optional crew members that you can find in Starfield:

Marika Boros

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Marika Boros can be found at the Viewport bar near the New Atlantis Spaceport on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. She specializes in Shotgun Certfication, Ballistics, and Particle Beam Weapon Systems. She requires a hefty payment of Credits up front, but you can persuade her to lower her asking price.

Simeon Bankowski

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You can find Simeon Bankowski drinking at the Viewport bar in New Atlantis by the Spaceport. Again, New Atlantis is on Jemison in the Alpha Centuari system. Simeon specializes in Sharpshooting, Sniper Specialization, and Marksmanship, making him a deadly shot that can cover you during firefights. To recruit him, all you need to do is pay him up front. A speech check can lessen the cost, though.

Moara Otera

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Moara Otero can be found at The Broken Spear bar in Cydonia just inside the main entrance to the right. Cydonia is on Mars in the Sol system. You can recruit Moara for free after rescuing him from Spacers with Sarah Morgan in Neptune’s orbit. This takes place in one of the game’s first main story missions, so you can’t miss it. He specializes in EM Weapon Systems and Marksmanship.

Gideon Aker

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Gideon Aker can be found sitting in the Viewport bar in New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. He’s one of the more expensive crew members you can hire, but his specializations in Ballistic Weapon Systems and Missile Weapon Systems can really increase your ship’s firepower during dogfights.

Andromeda Kepler

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Andromeda Kepler is located in The Broken Spear bar on Cydonia, which can be found on Mars in the Sol system. She’s one of the coolest companions in the game, so her asking price is well worth the cost. Plus, she specializes in Outpost Engineering, Piloting, and Aneutronic Fusion, which is a decent spread of skills.


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Lin is your mining supervisor from the game’s brief tutorial, and she can be recruited for free as a crew member once you return to the planet of Vectera in search of Barrett in one of the game’s early main missions. Just talk to her and ask her to join before taking off from Vectera and she’ll come with you. She specializes in Demolition and Outpost Management.


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Another one of your coworkers from the Argos mining plant in the game’s tutorial, Heller can be recruited for free just after you recruit Lin during the Back to Vectera mission. Once you locate Heller, just ask him to join and he’ll come aboard. He specializes in Geology and Outpost Engineering, with a three-star rank in the latter. That means he’ll let you build cutting-edge outpost modules if he’s assigned to one.

Dani Garcia

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Dani Garcia can be found at Euphorika on Neon, which is located on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. She specializes in Chemistry, Robotics, and Energy Weapon Systems, so her asking price is worth the cost.

Omori Hassan

You can find Omori Hassan at The Hitching Post, the main bar of Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system. It’s right by the entrance to the city so you can’t miss it. Like most other optional companions, he requires an upfront payment to be recruited. He specializes in Shield Systems and Starship Engineering.

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Rosie Tannehill

Rosie Tannehill is also found at The Hitching Post in Akila City and costs just as much as Omori Hassan, but her skill set is entirely different. She specializes in Medicine and Wellness, making her a great support crew member.

Mickey Caviar

You can find Mickey Caviar in Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. He’s hanging out in The Astral Lounge, the main club on the planet. He specializes in Gastronomy, Wellness, and Incapacitation which is a strange trio of skills, but he’s an interesting enough companion.

Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace is the game’s best sneaky companion. She’s found at Madame Sauvage’s Palace on Neon, which is on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. She specializes in Stealth and Lasers with a three-star rank on the former, so she’s perfect for stealthy players.

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Jessamine Griffin

Jessamine Griffin is one of the game’s “evil” companions since she’s a part of the Crimson Fleet. To recruit her, visit the Last Nova bar on the Key in the Kryx system. This is the Crimson Fleet HQ, so you’ll need to begin the Crimson Fleet questline in order to gain access. Once you reach the Key, you can add Jessamine to your crew. She specializes in Theft, Ballistics Weapon Systems, and Concealment.

Adoring Fan

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The Adoring Fan is a Bethesda staple and he returns in Starfield as a recruitable crew member. He only appears if you pick the Hero Worship trait during character creation, and he specializes in Scavenging, Concealment, and Weight Lifting.

Rafael Aguerro

Rafael Aguerro is one of the game’s only companions who comes from a choice in a main story mission. If he survives the Entangled mission late in Starfield’s campaign, he can be recruited to your crew if you visit him at the Viewport bar in New Atlantis. He specializes in Outpost Engineering, Starship Engineering, and Outpost Management.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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