How to Fix Missing Rake Bug in Enshrouded

Are you missing the Rake in Enshrouded? Use this guide for potential fixes.

by Christian Bognar
Image of Rake Missing from Workbench in Enshrouded.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The worst thing to happen in any survival game is encountering a bug, especially one that prevents you from crafting an essential item. If you are missing the Rake from the crafting menu in Enshrouded, you are not alone. This guide will cover how to fix the missing Rake bug in Enshrouded.

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Enshrouded Missing Rake Bug Fix

The Rake is a handy item in Enshrouded that allows you to collect Dirt and flatten the terrain to make building easier. So, when players can’t access this essential item, it can cause some serious frustration. Follow the steps below for potential fixes to the missing Rake bug in Enshrouded.

Missing Rake Bug Fix #1

Our first potential fix is the fastest method to fix the missing Rake bug in Enshrouded. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick up your Workbench to delete it from your home base.
  2. Exit to the Main Menu.
  3. Load up your world and re-enter.
  4. Place down another Workbench.

Following the steps above may fix the Rake missing from the Workbench crafting menu. If the Rake appears, craft as many as you can afford now and put extra into a storage chest in case the bug occurs again. If the Rake is still missing, move on to this guide’s next potential fix.

Missing Rake Bug Fix #2

This fix requires you to create a new character, but don’t worry; you don’t need to redo all your hard work. This worked for me, and I’m confident it will work for you too.

  1. Exit your game.
  2. Create a new character in the same world.
  3. Access the Workbench and craft a Rake.
  4. Put the Rake in a Storage Chest.
  5. Switch back to your other character in the same world.
  6. Obtain the Rake from the Storage Chest.

Creating a new character in the same world will allow you to access the home base you have already made, allowing the new character to use the Workbench. More often than not, the Rake will be available for the new character you created. Placing the Rake in a Storage Chest will allow your main character to grab it.

It’s important to remember that after you reach level 5, the Rake will disappear from the Workshop. From then on out, you can craft the Scrappy Rake from the Blacksmith.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2024

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