How to Fix OnCreateSessionComplete Error in Palworld

That's one mouthful of an error.

by Thomas Cunliffe
A screenshot of three players playing Palworld multiplayer. Each is on top of a Pal mount, sprinting through a grassy plain toward a tower

Some players eager to jump into Palworld for the first time are being hit with a lengthy error message preventing them from creating a world. This guide covers how to fix the “OnCreateSessionComplete Delegate bWasSuccessful == false” error so you can quickly get back to beating sheep with a stick.

How to Fix The “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate bWasSuccessful == false” Error in Palworld

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If you’re trying to create a Palworld world for the first time, you may have encountered either the “OnCreateSessionComplete Delegate bWasSuccessful == false” or “failed to host multiplayer session” error. To fix either of these world creation errors in Palworld, you have two options:

  • Disable multiplayer
  • Keep attempting to create your world until the error disappears

On the official Pocket Pair Discord, a community manager confirmed that multiple tries to create or enter a world should eventually work. If not, you’ll need to turn multiplayer off.

I encountered the “OnCreateSessionComplete” error the first time I launched Palworld, but I was eventually able to jump in after multiple attempts. It took about three tries before I was able to jump into my first world, where I was killed by a Dinossom after charging at it with my bare fists. Oops.

Why Does “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate bWasSuccessful == false” mean?

Palworld is still in early access, so players can expect numerous bugs before Pocket Pair squashes them for the game’s release. The “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate bWasSuccessful == false” error is an Unreal Engine error that happens when a multiplayer session fails, which Pocket Pair has confirmed is due to congestion.

To avoid the error popping up in the future, don’t touch any settings while multiplayer is active. You may think you’ve seen the last of it once you finally enter your world, but this sneaky mouthful of an error will eventually creep back.

Now that you can freely explore Palworld, check out our guide covering all Pal types and their weaknesses to ensure you’re well prepared. Oh, and don’t forget about being able to capture humans too.

This guide was written while playing Palworld on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on January 21st, 2024

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