How to Fix the Wish Upon a Star Quest Bug in Wayfinder

Here's how to fix the Wish Upon a Star bug in Wayfinder.

by Christian Bognar
Wish Upon a Star Wayfinder
Image: Airship Syndicate

If you have been playing early access for Wayfinder, you may have encountered a bug during the Wish Upon a Star quest. For some players, the objective is present, but the boss isn’t spawning when it’s supposed to. This guide aims to fix this problem as it will walk you through a possible solution to fix this annoying bug.

Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star Quest Bug Solution

Say you have acquired the worm bait in the Highlands, but the Night Maw isn’t spawning during the Wish Upon a Star quest in Wayfinder. This is a huge issue, considering defeating this boss leads to valuable and rare rewards for players. If the Night Maw isn’t spawning for you, the solution is to leave the area and return in a few hours.

Players on Reddit have reported that this boss is on a cooldown, with the cooldown taking up to three hours. I can confirm this is true, as the Night Maw finally spawned for me when I took a break for a few hours. Another method is to fast travel back and forth between Highlands and Skylight since players have reported this working for them as well.

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There’s no official confirmation on whether this is a bug or if the original plan was to have this boss on a cooldown period. I believe it to be the former, considering I haven’t experienced any other encounters with bosses that spawn every few hours.

Airship Syndicate, developers behind Wayfinder, have yet to comment on the Night Maw boss issue. So, in the meantime, go ahead and complete other activities before returning to see if the Night Maw finally spawns for you.

How to Prepare for Night Maw Boss Fight

When you get the Night Maw to spawn for you, you will want to be prepared for a challenging fight. The best way to prepare for any demanding boss in Wayfinder is to upgrade and craft weapons at the Arsenal in Skylight. While the best weapons in the game require Halycon Orbs, there are many options for less rare materials. Also, level up as much as possible by grinding dungeons and the Highlands, at least reaching level 12 before taking on the Night Maw.

- This article was updated on August 24th, 2023

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