How to Get 2023 Festival of the Lost Armor in Destiny 2

Farm high stat Festival of the Lost gear fast.

by Diego Perez
Image: Bungie

Festival of the Lost has returned in Destiny 2 and this year with a trio of spider and beetle-themed armor sets for Guardians to earn or buy. While there are plenty of free rewards to earn via the Festival of the Lost event card and a bunch of weapons to grind for in Haunted Sectors, the new Halloween armor ornaments are the star of the show this year. They’re locked behind a paywall, but there is a way for free-to-play Guardians to unlock these armor sets without spending any money on Silver. Here’s how you can get the 2023 Festival of the Lost armor for your Destiny 2 Guardian.

How to Get Festival of the Lost Armor in Destiny 2

Bungie let each class of Guardians vote for their own armor design this year, and Titans and Warlocks preferred beetle-themed armor while Hunters chose spider-themed armor. Each armor set is available in the Eververse store for 1,500 Silver, but you can also purchase them for free for 6,000 Bright Dust each. That’s a lot of Bright Dust to spend for an armor set, but many Destiny 2 players are sitting on giant piles of Bright Dust that they’ve saved up from Season Passes, bounties, and other challenges.

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You’ll only be able to purchase these armor sets for Bright Dust during this year’s Festival of the Lost event period. Once they event is over, they’re going away until next year’s Festival of the Lost event where they’ll be purchaseable with Silver. You can currently get old Festival of the Lost gear in the Eververse store too if you prefer those styles, but they’re only available for Silver.

How to Farm Bright Dust

Image: Bungie

Getting 6,000 Bright Dust for a Festival of the Lost armor set is hard, but it’s not impossible. The main sources of Bright Dust are Seasonal Challenges and Bounties.

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Seasonal Challenges are the primary way to earn Bright Dust. You don’t need to purchase the premium Season Pass in order to claim challenge rewards, which is nice for pure free-to-play Guardians. These challenges range from completing Crucible matches to running raids, so there are quests that fit every playstyle. Make sure to check your Seasonal Challenge list every week.

Bounties are the next best way to get Bright Dust, but this farming method is way slower. It’s best to pick up Bounties before jumping into any playlist and accumulate Bright Dust in the background that way. It’s not advisable to spam Bounties to try to get 6,000 Bright Dust for a Festival of the Lost Armor set.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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