How to Get a Disease in BitLife

Don't get sick.

by Kara Phillips
Image: BitLife

As your character ages in BitLife, you’ll come up against several things that will have effects on the stats of your player, whether that’s the loss of a family pet or loved one, an addiction developed later in life, or an illness you eventually contract. Although there are ways to combat these issues, causing them on purpose is a slightly different story.

As you age up and encounter new things, you run the risk of getting ill, and while sometimes this might be as insignificant as getting a cold from school or something slightly more severe like influenza, there’s no way to encourage your character to get sick and to what scale. But read on if you want to discover how you can identify whether or not your character is ill and what to do when it happens.

What Happens When You Contract a Disease in BitLife

A screen may flash up throughout your Bitizen’s lifespan, stating that your character is suffering from a condition. This can happen from when you are born with illnesses like Chicken Pox or Mumps but continues to adulthood with more severe diseases, which you’ll have to cover off your own back. There’s no rhyme or reason as to when and why these diseases will occur, and it’s unfortunately entirely based on luck.

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When your character does get sick, you’ll be prompted to decide what you want to do next. The option to visit a doctor and immediately get cured is available, but it’ll cost you a significant portion of money once you hit 18 years old, which means a lot of players strapped for cash will end up losing chunks of their health and eventually putting their life on the line.

As you’d expect, the severity of your illness or disease will reflect on your character’s health, which declines over time depending on how long you leave it before finding a cure. Intense diseases will quickly chip away at your health, potentially killing your Bitizen within several days, while simple things like the common cold will take their time. Whether you spend the money to keep a character alive is up to you.

- This article was updated on March 4th, 2023