How to Murder People in BitLife

How to get away with murder

by Kara Phillips

BitLife is all about making decisions for the character you are taking control of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your choices will always be the right ones. You will meet many people as you work through schools, college, university, and work. Some you’ll get on well with, with no hesitation whatsoever, but others your character will immediately become enemies.

Although there are several logical ways to handle enemies in BitLife, like arguing or cutting them off, there are many ways to land you in a lot of trouble. So if you’ve disliked one of your character’s enemies, there’s always the route of becoming a stone-cold killer. So read on to discover how you can get away with murder.

How to Commit Murder in BitLife

To start your journey to jail time (or travel to evade, if you’re particularly sneaky about it), you will need to access the criminal tab under activities marked with a small goblin icon. Once you’re in this menu, you’re free to scroll down until you find Murder, located toward the bottom of the list.

Unlike most activities you can complete in BitLife, this isn’t as simple as selecting and watching it play out. Instead, you will have to choose from a more extensive list before committing your murder. There are various potential murder methods to select from, all with varying degrees of success, so you’ll need to choose the one you feel the best about. The following list features every potential murder method in BitLife.

  • Atomic wedgie
  • Club Them
  • Perform A Drive by
  • Electrocute Them
  • Push Them Down The Stairs
  • Strangle Them
  • Fastball to the head
  • Scare to death
  • Poison Them
  • Bear Trap
  • Elephant Laxative
  • Push off Cliff
  • Impale Them
  • Hiring a Hitman

The general rule of thumb is that the more creative methods usually have the highest chance of failure, so you’ll need to select a suitable way to ensure its success. If your character gets caught or found guilty, there’s a potential of facing 80 years in BitLife prison. However, you can spend money on a lawyer and escape with little to no consequences. The more murders you successfully commit, the more likely you will face jail time, so if you find yourself with a long list of enemies, take it easy to avoid the consequences.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022