How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

The law is in your hands!

by Kara Phillips

As you grow alongside your character in BitLife, you’ll eventually need to settle down and find a suitable career that you won’t necessarily need to follow for your entire life, but depending on which path you want to follow, you may need to build up to finally unlocking access to the job. For example, as your character ages, you will have to make several decisions about work experience and higher education which will impact your character’s future. These opportunities must be considered for someone looking to achieve a career in the Law field. So read on to find out how you can become a Lawyer in BitLife.

How To Follow The Lawyer Career in BitLife

If you’re looking to become a Lawyer in BitLife, your journey begins before you start college. As your character goes through school at their early ages, they need to be dedicated to their studies rather than flunking off, and you should work on improving their smarts when you can. To increase this stat, you can read more, visit the library, and generally study hard when prompted. As you end your time in school and start to apply to University, having high smarts will allow you to go into a University to study Law. If you then complete University with a 90% or higher smarts stat by continuing to study hard, you’ll be able to apply to study at Law School.

You’ll have to repeat the process of studying hard throughout Law School, but it’s the last step you must follow before entering a suitable career path. Once graduate from Law School, you’ll be able to apply to become a Junior Associate at a Law Firm under the full-time Jobs menu. If it doesn’t come up immediately, close the app and open it again until it does. You’ll be accepted into the role if you have maintained high smarts and completed the necessary education. If you commit to the job you’re now enrolled in, you’ll eventually be able to work your way up from Junior Associate until you become a Lawyer and then Judge if you stay in the field for thirty years.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2022

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