How to Get Double XP in Halo Infinite

Here's how you can get Double XP in Halo Infinite.

by Shubhendu Vatsa
XP in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Season 1 and the multiplayer beta have arrived early, and 343 has packed in many new things. One such new addition comes in the form of Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass. The Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass is in some ways totally different from most other offerings out there. The Battle Pass will never expire and players can complete missions whenever they feel like doing. What hasn’t changed is the tier and XP system that most of us are familiar with.

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​The Season 1 Battle Pass has plenty of rewards and tiers that can even confuse some veteran players. Here’s how you can quickly earn XP in Halo Infinite.

How to quickly earn XP in Halo Infinite?

​Take advantage of XP Boosts

​You can use the XP Boost in Halo Infinite to your advantage while performing the weekly challenges. These XP Boost consumables can either be obtained from the Boost and Swap Pack Bundles in Halo Infinite’s Store (they cost 200 Credits) or via the Battle Pass. Using these will double your XP winnings for thirty minutes straight. This will help you earn more XP by only completing a few weekly challenges.

Here’s how you can use these consumables:

  1. Open the Battle Pass menu by pressing R on a keyboard or Y on an Xbox Controller from the main menu.
  2. Open the Boosts menu by pressing R on a keyboard or Y on an Xbox Controller inside the Battle Pass menu.
  3. Choose “Double XP Boost” or “XP Grant” and verify your choice.

Grind the Weekly and Daily Challenges

​The weekly and daily challenges are your best and constant source for gaining XP in Halo Infinite Season 1. Halo Infinite has three weekly challenges for free Battle Pass users, while Premium battle pass owners also get an additional fourth one. These weekly challenges normally range from killing enemies with particular weapons or vehicles to playing specific game modes. These missions get harder and harder as one completes them weekly. When the supply of weekly challenges gets over, you will be tasked with completing the Ultimate Challenge.

​The Ultimate Challenge is the best in the business and completing them will award you with massive amounts of XP and a special cosmetic item that’s doesn’t depend on the Battle Pass. If you have burned through all the weekly and the Ultimate Challenge, you will have to wait for Halo Infinite’s weekly reset. On the other hand, daily challenges are trivial and you only have to complete a set number of games to earn XP.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with its Campaign launching on December 8th, 2021.