How to Get Giant Trevally Fins in Dave the Diver

This guide will help you get Giant Trevally Fins in Dave the Diver.

by Christian Bognar
Giant Trevally Fins in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is a unique game where you run a restaurant while exploring the sea for various critters and fishes. Sometimes, you’ll even get to upgrade certain weapons and gear — making your expedition much more manageable. The Giant Trevally is one of the fishes in the game that offer its fin that can be exchanged to upgrade weapons, making it one of the essential fins in the game. The problem is this fish’s fin can be pretty challenging to get. This guide will cover where to find this particular fish to acquire Giant Trevally Fins in Dave the Diver.

How to Get Fins from Giant Trevally Fish in Dave the Diver

The first thing players need to know regarding Giant Trevally Fins in Dave the Diver is that even though this fin comes from Giant Trevally — the drop rate is significantly low. This means it will most likely take more than one encounter with a Giant Trevally to acquire one of its fins, so patience is a must.

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Giant Trevally Fish Location

Players can find Giant Trevally Fish at around 50 to 150m below the surface area or a whole group inside the shipwreck’s interior. Once you reach the required location, you can continue to come back to this location and farm this fish here as much as possible to increase the chances of it dropping a fin. The good news is that the Giant Trevally Fish is a straightforward fish to kill, and players can use any weapon, making farming not as frustrating as other critters — take the Horned Parrotfish, for example.

Giant Trevally Fin Drop Rate

Reports from the community have shown that 1 out of 10 tries against a Giant Trevally will result in its corpse including a fin for your upgrade needs. The community has also reported on Steam and Reddit that they have had better luck using sharper weapons. Now, this information should be taken lightly, considering whether it works better isn’t confirmed — but you might as well try if you haven’t been having any luck yet.

- This article was updated on July 7th, 2023

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