How to Get Mountain Dew Skins, COD Points, and Double XP Rewards in Modern Warfare 2

Do the Dew with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II!

by Marc Magrini

Call of Duty has never been a stranger to collaborations, and Modern Warfare II features more than its fair share of them. From a Burger King collaboration with a special skin to rewards from Little Ceasar’s, it’s clear that there are plenty of different franchises offering their own special bonuses to Call of Duty fans everywhere. Of course, none of these collabs would be complete without at least one half of the “gamer fuel” puzzle. Mountain Dew has partnered with Modern Warfare II to offer point and XP rewards, as well as a special skin not found anywhere else.

How to Redeem Mountain Dew Codes for Modern Warfare II Rewards

You’ll be able to receive special codes from certain Mountain Dew bottles, 12-packs, and 24-packs. The codes will be found on any Mountain Dew package with Call of Duty labels. You can get these codes from underneath bottle caps, inside the cardboard packaging of can packs, and under the tab of labelled Game Fuel cans. From there, you’ll be able to redeem these codes on the official Mountain Dew gaming website. Just be sure to link your Activision account and you’ll have no problem with redemption!

It should be kept in mind that not every reward will be available immediately. While you should be able to obtain double XP rewards and the special Mountain Dew skin today, COD points can only be used starting on November 16th. You’ll still be able to redeem these points to have them ready once that time comes, but it’s something to take note of. Additionally, the promotional period will end on March 28, 2023. You’ll also have restrictions on how much you can enter at a time. You can only get 1 hour of double XP through this promotion each day and 40 hours total for the program’s duration, and you can only enter a maximum of 160 codes. Keep track of these restrictions so you can make the most out of your Mountain Dew rewards!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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