How to Get Nails in Enshrouded

This guide will cover how you can get Nails in Enshrouded.

by Christian Bognar
Blacksmith in Enshrouded. Blacksmith Crafting in Enshrouded.
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When you first step into the world of Enshrouded, you’ll notice instantly that you need to keep track of tons of resources and materials. Crafting is a focus in Enshrouded, and one of the most valuable crafting materials is Nails, which are used to create a chest for storage and more.

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If you are anything like me, you are having a tough time trying to get Nails. Fortunately, it’s much easier than you think. Here’s how you can get Nails in Enshrouded.

Where to Find Nails in Enshrouded

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Players can get Nails in Enshrouded from the Blacksmith, the first survivor you find in the game. To find the Blacksmith, follow the main quest until you unlock the “Find the Sleeping Survivor” quest, marking a waypoint to the Blacksmith’s location. When you reach the location, free him from his captivity chamber to officially add him to your party. You can now add the Blacksmith to your home base using the Summoning Staff.

Once you have the Blacksmith at your home base, you can get Nails by interacting with him and scrolling down to the Resources section. Nails will be available for crafting here, requiring 1 Metal Scrap for every 2 Nails. In the next section, we will explain how to find Metal Scraps in Enshrouded so you can craft as many Nails as you would like.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Players can get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded by searching abandoned towns and villages found throughout the map. Metal Scraps are commonly found on the ground within these areas, so keep your eyes peeled. Metal scraps can also be acquired by destroying metal objects and furniture.

If you encounter any object that has a metal or iron lock, use your weapon or pickaxe to destroy it to collect Metal Scraps. The stronger your melee weapon, the quicker it will take to destroy the object for resources and materials.

What Are Nails Used for in Enshrouded?

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The main purpose of Nails in Enshrouded is to have the ability to craft more advanced items, such as storage chests. Having a Storage Chest in your home base is a game changer, considering your backpack doesn’t have much room and can fill up very quickly. Make sure you fill your Storage Chest with unwanted materials and resources since you’ll never know when you’ll need them in the future.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2024

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