How to Get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16

Learn how to get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16
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Crafting materials are essential in Final Fantasy 16. As the game continues, enemies will progressively get tougher — meaning you’ll need high-leveled weapons and gear. Scarletite is a crafting material you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as possible, as it can create equipment that boasts high defense and attack power, such as the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and the Excalibur weapon. This guide will cover how to get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

Ways to Get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16

There are numerous ways to get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16. The rare crafting material can be obtained through Notorious Marks and a Side Quest. Below you will find all the known ways to get Scarletite.

Way to Get ScarletiteHow to UnlockLocationAmount of Scarletite
Hot Water Side QuestComplete Follow the Crystal Main Quest.The Dalamil InnOne
Dozmare Notorious MarkAvailable during the Blacksmith Blues Side Quest.Norvent Valley in Sanbreque. Griffin will be waiting on top of the wall.One
Fastiocalon Notorious MarkAvailable after completing The Riddle of the Sands Quest.Northeastern part of the Belkroy Desert.Two
Ten of CLubs Notorious MarkAvailable once you have started the Things Fall Apart Quest.South of the Dravozd fast-travel Obelisk. Located in the Dhalmekian Republic.One
Holy Trumpitour Notorious MarkAvailable once you start the Cloak and Dagger main quest.Directly south of Lostwing in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.One

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Notorious Marks and Hunt Board Explained

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Notorious Marks is your best bet, and it’s like this with most rare crafting materials. You can find the Hunt Board in the Hideaway, where it will continuously be updated as you play through the main story. Players can officially unlock the Hunt Board during the “Gathering Storm” main quest, which is the 29th main mission in the game (under halfway through the story.)

This Hunt Board will provide clues on where you must head to find the Notorious Mark you wish to battle. Each Notorious Mark will provide a high boost in experience points, a rare material, a large amount of Gil, and Renown that can be used at the Patron’s Whisper in Hideaway. Renown is especially useful as trading it in will provide beneficial rewards that sometimes can be an accessory or more materials for your crafting needs — as well as necessary materials for upgrading your gear at the Blacksmith.

You’ll know you have encountered a Notorious Mark when a pop-up message shows you their rank. Ranks range from C to S — where S is the most challenging out of the bunch to defeat!

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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