How to Get Shieldon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Bringing to life the Shield pokemon.

by Weilong Mao


For players interested in the revival of prehistoric pokemon in the Generation IV remake that is Pokemon Shining Pearl, Shieldon is the pokemon that players will find available initially during their escapades into the labyrinth that is the Grand Underground. This rock/steel type pokemon is known for being heavily specced into defense and special defense and further cement such foundation in its evolution, Bastiodon. This article will run players through the procedures required to obtain the relevant fossil for resurrecting Shieldon and how to evolve it to make full use of its defensive capabilities.

How to get Shieldon in Shining Pearl

Shieldon can be acquired exclusively in Pokemon Shining Pearl by obtaining the Armor Fossil in the Grand Underground and then bringing it over to the Oreburgh Mining Museum, where an NPC will prove capable of resuscitating the pokemon from its age-long slumber within the fossil. To dig up fossils, players will need to participate in digging minigames during their exploration of the Grand Underground. Considering the rarity of fossils, players can expect quite an extent of digging.

The Grand Underground can first be accessed after the player has made their way to Eterna City, where the second Gym Leader Gardenia resides. Alongside the local Pokemon Center will be a house where the Underground Man lives. Talking with him will initiate a tutorial related to the Grand Underground. Upon completion, players are granted the Explorer Kit which will allow players free exploration in its tunnel and passageways.


This also unlocks access to the digging minigame. Players need to look for yellow diamonds on their map, and when they are in close proximity they can pinpoint the exact digging spots by scanning their locale by pressing R on their Nintendo Switch. This will result in a beacon of shining light on the wall, which upon interaction will initiate the digging minigame.

After a certain amount of attempts, the player should prove successful in finding and excavating an Armor Fossil, which bears the appearance of an egg-shaped shield. To revive the fossil and turn it into Shieldon, players will need to leave the Grand Underground and head back to Oreburgh City.

To the north of the Oreburgh Pokemon Center is the Oreburgh Mining Museum. Go inside and speak to the NPC by the counter, he will offer to turn your fossil back into a pokemon. Accept said offer and exit the building. Upon re-entering, the revival process will be completed, speak to the NPC again and the player will obtain their Shieldon. A Shieldon will evolve into Bastiodon when it reaches level 30, which is going to need a bit of grinding on the player’s part.

Seeing as there are no limitations on the number of fossils that can be dug up from the Grand Underground. For players looking to complete their Pokedex, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to dig up more Armor Fossils so as to trade with players who own Brilliant Diamond, who have access to their own respective fossil pokemon, Cranidos.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.



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