How to Get Solid Snake in Fortnite

Are you trying to get the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of the Solid Snake loading screen in Fortnite with Solid Snake visible in the center of the image.
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is no stranger to having many iconic characters making their appearance as a skin in the game, and Solid Snake now also has an inclusion in the universe.

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This article will take you through exactly how to get the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite if you’re confused about how to do so.

How to Get the Solid Snake Skin in Fortnite

To get the Solid Snake skin you will have to complete four of Snake’s Quests on Page 1 which means you have to spend 950 V-Bucks to purchase the Big Bang Battle Pass first. This is because Snake’s Quests can only be accessed and completed if you have the Battle Pass. So if you have some spare V-Bucks lying around, I would say you should spend them on this Battle Pass as it is the only way to get Solid Snake currently.

When you do have the Battle Pass, you will need to complete four of the following quests to unlock the Solid Snake skin.

  • Deal 250 damage to opponents within 10 meters— Gives you the Stun Knife Pickaxe
  • Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds— Rewards you with the Lying in Wait loading screen
  • Deal 50 damage to opponents with explosives— Rewards a Solid Profile Spray
  • Break two Security Cameras or Turrets— Gives you an exclamation mark Banner Icon.
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with assault rifles— Rewards the “!” emote.

The way that I am going to approach these quests is starting with the Cardbox box quest, then moving on to getting the assault rifle damage, up close damage, and then breaking two security cameras or turrets. Having a shotgun for the up-close damage (within 10 meters) is effective so make sure to seek one of these out in your next round.

Why Are There Two Solid Snake Skins in Fortnite? What is the Difference?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You may notice that there are two skins named “Solid Snake” in the Snake section of Fortnite on the Battle Pass page. This is because there are two styles you unlock. There is the main Solid Snake skin and then there is the “Old Snake” style that can be attached to the Solid Snake outfit you receive from completing any four of the first Snake page quests.

To unlock the Old Snake style, you have to complete all of Page 2 for Snake’s quests which I have listed below for you.

  • Use EMP Stealth Camo three times— Rewards the Metal Gear MK. II Back Bling
  • Damage 10 different enemy players before they damage you— Gives the Snake Skin Wrap
  • Use a hiding spot in five different matches— Rewards the Hidden? Emoticon
  • Deal 2500 damage to enemies with a weapon that has a suppressor attached— Rewards the Tactical Advantage Loading Screen
  • Assist in opening three Vaults or hack three Train Heist Chests — Rewards the Slider Glider

Now that you know how to get the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite, you can jump back into the experience and add this legendary character to your ever-growing collection of skins.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2024

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