How to Get the Callie and Marie Badges in Splatoon 3

Find out how to earn the Callie and Marie badges

by Kara Phillips


Since Splatoon 3 is all for personalization, several in-game elements encourage players to express themselves. While some of these elements are easy to buy from vendors, a wide selection of badges are hidden away for players to find during their time with the game. Unfortunately, this means these badges aren’t just handed out, and a lot of work has to go into earning them, especially for those slightly more challenging to come across. Read on to find out how to add the Callie and Marie Badges to your collection.

How to Earn the Callie and Marie Badges in Splatoon 3

Even though earning the Callie and Marie badges isn’t a particularly complicated process, it still takes a fair amount of work, dedication, and time. So rather than taking on a boss or completing a challenging level, the Callie and Marie badges revolve exclusively around leveling up your Hero Gear, which can only be done within Splatoon 3’s story mode campaign.

If you open the character menu while in story mode, you’ll be able to access the Hero Gear Upgrade Tree. From here, you’ll be able to upgrade your gear as you go along. Although it sounds like a fairly simple process, some upgrades are more on the expensive side in terms of in-game materials. So Gear upgrades are something to keep in the back of your mind while you work your way through the game.

The Callie and Marie Badge is a set of two badges given to the player when the hero gear hits max level. The two icons will be added to the players’ badge collection as soon as the Hero Gear has been fully upgraded. To add a badge to your Splashtag, press X on your controller to open the main menu, then select Status by pressing R. From here, you’ll be able to access your gear and edit your Splashtag’s title, banner, and badges.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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