How to Get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

Step-by-step guide on how to get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher
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So, you’ve heard about the Dreamcatcher and are now trying to find it in Remnant 2? This weapon can be tricky to locate on your own, so we have created this guide to walk you through how to find it quickly. Here is how you can find the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Location

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finding the Dreamcatcher requires the player to go to several places in Remnant 2. Follow the steps below to add this powerful melee weapon to your inventory.

Step 1 – Reach Morrow Parish Santorium in Losomn

First, players must reach the Morrow Parish Santorium in the Morrow Parish section of Losomn. Morrow Parish Santorium is a large building and pretty challenging to miss as you come across it, but once you do, head inside for the next step. If your game doesn’t have Morrow Parish, feel free to reroll the campaign or play in Adventure Mode.

Step 2 – Find Three Dolls and Prison Cell Keys Inside Morrow Parish Santorium

Throughout the Morrow Parish Santorium, you’ll need to find three stone-carved dolls and prison cell keys. These can spawn randomly, so search every nook and cranny of the building. Each item gives off a bright glow, making them hard to miss.

Step 3 – Get the Nightweaver Statue from the Basement

Your next step is to take all the dolls and prison cell keys into the basement cellar. You’ll hear a woman inside a prison cell at the opposite end of the basement stairs. Hand her the dolls by selecting the option to do so, and then open the cell with the prison cell keys. On the other side, you’ll find the Nightweaver Statue — pick it up.

Step 4 – Defeat Magister Dullain at the Shattered Gallery

You can’t do anything else for this quest at the moment, so continue playing through the main story until you reach the Shattered Gallery location. You must kill Magister Dullain at the Shattered Gallery, who will drop the Soulkey Tribute item.

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Step 5 – Return to Morrow Parish Santorium

Return to Morrow Parish Santorium (where you collected the stone dolls) and return to the basement. In the middle of the basement, you’ll spot a glowing cobweb, interact with it and hand over the Soulkey Tribute item. This will send you to the Tormented Asylum.

Step 6 – Grab the Dreamcatcher Weapon in the Tormented Asylum

Once you are at the Tormented Asylum, check the first cell on the left-hand side. Hand over the Nightwear statue to the cobweb inside the cell, and in return, you will receive the Dreamcatcher weapon!

Dreamcatcher Weapon Information

The Dreamcatcher is a great melee weapon that offers the Dreamwave Mod. Dreamwave will apply Slow to all enemies for 10 seconds, along with a charged attack that will release a wave of damage extending to 20m in front of the caster.

Besides being a handy weapon for a melee build, the Dreamcatcher can also be used toward finding the Invader Archetype and helping with interacting with specific items in side quests.

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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