How to Get the Millennium Falcon in Starfield | Ship Build Guide

"Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Millennium Falcon Ship Build Guide

Starfield has a pretty robust ship-building feature that allows you to customize your interstellar vehicle to some impressive extents. It’s a modular system, allowing you to build your ship piece-by-piece from varying in-game manufacturers, akin to building a Lego spaceship. With such an excellent feature, fans of the game were quick to put in iconic vessels from their favorite franchises with varying degrees of success. Here’s a build guide from the community on how to get the Millennium Falcon ship in Starfield!

Starfield Ship Build Guide: Millennium Falcon Parts List and How to Assemble

Our first suggestion is to use a ‘Landing Pad with Ship Builder’ module for your Outpost, as this has by far the most flexible array of parts. You’ll also need to gain 1 rank in the Starship Design skill. This comes into play when mimicking the aesthetic, in this case for the Millennium Falcon ship build in Starfield. Start by buying any cheap ship, and strip all its parts so you can start fresh. The parts you will need, as suggested by YouTuber WiLLiSGaming (along with suggestions by myself) are the following:


  • Stability Pro Landing Bay (A)


  • Viking CP-100 Cockpit x1 (B)


  • 100DP Slim Docker – Bottom


  • White Dwarf 3000 Engine x3


  • M30 Ulysses He3 Tank x2 (C)


  • Accu-Lander 11 Landing Gear x3 (D)
  • Accu-Lander 11 Landing Gear – Port x1 (E)
  • Accu-Lander 11 Landing Gear – Stbd x1 (F)

Grav Drive

  • R-2000 Alpha Grav Drive (G)


  • Nova Galactic Companionway 1×1 x3 (H)
  • Nova Galactic Living Quarters 2×1 x2 (I)
  • Nova Galactic Storeroom 1×1 x1 (J)
  • Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1 x1 (K)
  • Nova Galactic Control Station 2×1 x1 (L)
  • Stroud Showroom 1×1 x1 (M)


  • 360 Stellarator Reactor (N)

(Alternately, consider Class B or C reactors if you want better shields or weapons)


  • 10S Protector Shield Generator


  • Deimos Hull A x1 (O)
  • Deimos Bumper – Port Fore x1 (P)
  • Deimos Bumper – Stbd Fore x1 (Q)
  • Stroud Nose Cap C – Port Fore x1 (R)
  • Stroud Nose Cap C – Stbd Fore x1 (S)
  • Nova Cowling 1L-TF (T)
  • Nova Cowling 1L-TA (U)
  • Nova Cowling 2L-SF x1 (V)
  • Nova Cowling 2L-SA x1 (W)
  • Nova Cowling 2L-PF x1 (X)
  • Nova Cowling 2L-PA x1 (Y)
  • Nova Cowling 2L-TF x1 (Z)

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Why the letters in parentheses, you ask? We’ll get to that part next.

Millennium Falcon in Starfield: A Visual Ship Build Guide

We happily included WiLLiSGaming’s video, as well as helpful visual aids for those who prefer an IKEA or Lego-style approach. Here is how you can build your Millennium Falcon ship replica in Starfield:

Beyond this, be sure to add 3 corresponding weapons, preferably concealed to not break the illusion that it’s the Millennium Falcon. Finally, the Docker must be placed on the bottom, and much like many of these pieces (specifically anything Port, Stbd, or PA/SA/PF/SA) if you don’t see them listed, flip them in the shipbuilder to find the one you need! Provided you pass the flight check, you’re good to go!

However, I’ll issue a fair warning: the cargo space on this build is suboptimal at best, and that’s me being generous. For maximum accuracy, check each part’s color to match the sweet, vibrant (?) look of the original. But you can take flight, so get VASCO and nab one of those cleaning robots to call C-3PO and R2-D2, and whoever you want to stand in for Chewie, as long as you know a few maneuvers.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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