How to Get the Mr. Grizz Badge in Splatoon 3

Find out how to earn one of Splatoon 3's most prestigious badges

by Kara Phillips


As players progress through Splatoon 3‘s central campaign, badges and achievements of all sorts will unlock. Unfortunately, some of these badges are much harder to come by, and for any perfectionist or player searching to prove their commitment, even the most complex badges must be found. So read on to find out how you can earn one of the title’s more challenging badges.

How to Earn the Mr Grizz Badge in Splatoon 3

The Mr Grizz Badge has been praised as one of Splatoon 3’s hardest to unlock, and there’s a good reason as to why. To begin the process, players must complete every level in story mode to unlock a secret level called After Alterna. So straight off the bat, this badge requires a lot of dedication. The hidden level can be accessed via a secret kettle which unlocks in Future Utopia upon the Story Mode’s competition.

After the slog of completing every other level, you’d expect After Alterna to be a breath of fresh air, but it’s far from that. This hidden level provides an insufficient number of checkpoints and heavily relies on the persistence and precision of players. In addition, there are several unforgiving elements to the level, all of which require players to utilize different skills. But given you stay focused, you’ll be earning the Mr Grizz badge in no time. To make the level slightly more bearable, it’s best to increase your hero level to the best of your ability before entering, but be prepared to repeat the process several times.

Once After Alterna has been completed, the player will be rewarded with the Mr Grizz badge and an adorable bear ear headband to show your completion of the game’s most complex level. Both of these collectibles are incredibly sought after by players, so it’s only fair that you get to show them off once you’ve earned them.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.


- This article was updated on September 14th, 2022

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