Diablo 4 Moose Mount: How to Get the Scosglen Barding

Here's how to get the Scosglen Barding Mount in Diablo 4 so you can ride in style!

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Are you wondering how to get the Scosglen Barding mount in Diablo 4? The Scosglen Barding mount is a unique horse armor that would make any Canadian, or Santa Clause, proud. The one fun aspect of Diablo 4 is the ability to change the appearance of your mount using mount armor and skins. Players are still reporting their fun discoveries of unique variations they unlocked. One in particular that payers have reported is the Scosglen Barding mount armor. Here’s everything we know about how to unlock the Scosglen Barding mount armor in Diablo 4.

How to Get the Scosglen Barding Mount Armor in Diablo 4

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

No official way has been released describing the steps to get the Scosglen Barding mount armor. While investigating how to unlock this mount armor, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that free mount armors and mount skins are available through random loot drops. Here are two ways that fellow Diablo 4 players, including myself, have found the Scosglen Barding mount armor that you should try to add this festive creature to your collection.

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Helltide Chest

Another Diablo 4 player has reported that they got the Scosglen Barding mount from a Tortured Chest during the Helltide event. During the event, you will collect Aberrant Cinders, allowing you to open Tortured Chests in the Helltide region while the event is happening. You will need 75 to open a standard Tortured Chest and 175 for a Tortured Gift of Mysteries set, which is likely where this player got the Scosglen Barding mount.

The Gathering Legions World Event

The Gathering Legions is a World Event in Diablo 4 that appear in major regions like the Dry Steppes and Scosglen. You can find The Gathering Legions world event by looking for a white circle icon with the Legions title on your Sanctuary map. You will only have five minutes to show up at this location when it appears. I suspect that I found the Scosglen Barding mount armor while participating in The Gather Legions world event in the Scosglen region.

What is the Scosglen Barding Mount Armor?

Image: National Geographic Kids

Players are debating on the Diablo 4 subreddit if the mount is a moose or an elk. However, a Canadian player quickly pointed out that elks don’t have plates like this mount armor does, but they also aren’t shaped like moose antlers either. Instead, he thinks it is a unique animal closer to a caribou, as shown in the above picture. What do you think this majestic animal could be?

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Caribous are actually more commonly known as Reindeer and the shaped antlers in comparison to the Scosglen Barding definitely is a closer match. A fun fact about the antlers is that they are used for competing with other male Reindeer during the mating season. One of the Reindeer “win” by essentially shoving their competitor out of the way after an interlocking of the antlers (fighting) has happened.

Now that you know a brief overview of Reindeer and indeed how to get this special Scosglen Barding, it’s time to go and try to loot it in-game.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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