How to Link Items in Chat in Last Epoch

Can you make the link?

by Kara Phillips
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

During your journey with Last Epoch, you’ll collect and gather several items and materials across various locations, which you may need to share with your teammates. However, your teammates won’t know the ins and outs of every item you need to share, and the function of linking items in chat can make communication a lot easier.

However, that’s not to say that linking items is a feature in Last Epoch, despite how much it would benefit players in the long run. Unfortunately, there’s no way to attach items within your chat logs currently, but the game is rapidly gaining popularity, and more players are voicing their wishes for future updates, and Item Linking falls among the crowd. So read on to determine if item linking might be added in the game’s future.

Will Item Linking in Chat Be Added to Last Epoch?

Even though linking items in your chat isn’t yet possible within Last Epoch, it is something developers have addressed in the past regarding future updates rolling out for the game, but there’s no set date as to when the feature will be added. Unfortunately, it’s more of a waiting game rather than a countdown. With Last Epoch gaining more players, developers actively listen to players and their requests, and this mechanic is frequently touched on.

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If you’re avidly awaiting the launch of item linking within this game, the best place to keep an eye on would be the forum on the official website, alongside the subreddit and any social media, so you can be the first to know when the next update is set to release, alongside any Patch notes that may release alongside an update.

While item linking is yet to be introduced, you can now link game guides within the chat to your party members following The Convergence Update on March 6. To do this, you can use the exact name of a page or any text included, such as ??ailments or ??uniques.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023