How to Locate All Security Drones in Destiny 2

What do these yellow things do?

by Amitesh Dhar

The security drones are a part of a secret mission in Destiny 2. We won’t reveal what the reward is, but it’s something that most of you will love.

It’s been a while since Bungie included secrets in the game. Season of the Seraph was already being hailed as a very good season. With the addition of this secret, it’s likely that the community will hail this as the best season that we’ve seen in a while.

There are a total of 50 security drones that you will have to find and destroy in Destiny 2. So where do you find these drones, and how do you destroy them?

Where to find Security Drones in Destiny 2?

Before we go on to talk about drones, let’s talk about how to destroy them. These drones are tied to the Revision Zero Exotic. So it’s evident that you will have to use the Revision Zero Exotic pulse rifle to destroy these drones. This is quite similar to the Salvation’s Grip Exotic grenade launcher. This went live back during the Beyond Light expansion. That said, here are all the security drone locations. We’ll divide them on the basis of the location they’re located in.

Moreover, 12 of these drones are found in the Seraph Complex and the only way to access this is by playing the Seraph Shield mission. To access these drones, you will have to acquire the Security Clearance upgrade from the Exo Frame Seasonal Vendor. You will also need the Tactical Armorer upgrade to avoid some of the lasers in this mission, but that can be avoided using a sword with the Eager Edge perk. The rooms with a small star icon above a panel are the ones containing these drones. So make sure you open all of them.

There’s just one drone that isn’t behind a locked room. In the room before the microwave trap, you’ll find this drone under the staircase behind a glass panel. You will have to get an angle to be able to shoot it properly. While these 12 are quite easy to find, here are the rest which are slightly harder to locate.


There are 10 drones in this area, and that doesn’t include the ones in the Heist Batteground mission. The mission on Europa contains six drones. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Europa-1
  • Europa-3
  • Europa-2
  • europa-4
  • Europa-5
  • Europa-6
  • Europa-7
  • Europa-8
  • Europa-9
  • Europa-10
  • Beyond:
    • Head to the ziggurat where you’ve previously communed with the darkness. The first droe is here.
  • Asterion Abyss:
    • Towards the northwest side of Asterion Abyss, there’s a place from where you can spot the ruins of the Eventide colony. The drone can be found inside a crack here.
    • On the western side of Asterion Abyss, there are some Vex structures. There’s a cliff here on top of which you’ll spot a drone.
  • Cadmus Ridge:
    • In the very centre of Cadmus Ridge you’ll spot a Vex structure. There’s a security drone on top of this.
    • Head to Bray Exoscience. To the left of the entrance, you should be able to spot a drone.
  • Eventide Ruins:
    • Head to the building that houses the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. Scale the platforms to the left, and you will find the drone hidden in this area.
    • Head to the area where the Deep Stone Crypt raid begins. There’s a drone in this place as well.
  • Bunker E15 Lost Sector:
    • Inside this lost sector you will come across a room with three small prisons. Head into the big room right after this area and then take your right. That should open into a smaller room with a security drone.
  • Perdition Lost Sector:
    • After you’ve defeated the boss at the end of this lost sector, you will be able to spot the drone in this room itself.
  • Concealed Void Lost Sector:
    • Inside the Concealed Void lost sector, you will come across a room with platforms, and a lot of shanks. Take the platform on the left and look to the Fallen console, you will find the drone here.
  • Europa-BG-1
  • Europa-BG-2
  • Europa-BG-3
  • Europa-BG-4
  • Europa-BG-5
  • Heist Battlegrounds
    • The very first drone can be found at the entrance to Bray Exoscience. Players will have to look under the platforms outside for the first drone.
    • Inside the first room, the drone can be found on the left.
    • Inside the first room again, there should be a hallway that is red in color. The drone can be found behind some boxes.
    • Inside the second room, the drone can be found on the left behind the glass.
    • Inside the room with the Deathtongue, the drone is located on the lowest platform to the left.
    • In the final room with the huge Clovis head, you will be able to find the drone on the far right side, before you jump down.


  • Archers Line:
    • There’s a broken pipeline which runs through the entire area. You will have to follow this till it reaches a building to the north. The orb can be found here.
  • Anchor of Light:
    • In the area crawling with Fallen, you will find a crashed Ketch. The drone is located beside the entrance here.
    • The huge radio antenna which sports one of the plates that you will have to light during the Xenophage quest also contains a drone.
  • Hellmouth:
    • Outside the Hellmouth, there’s a cliff where you will find Toland hovering. To the right of this cliff, you’ll find the drone.
    • When you come close to the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector, you will find a radio antenna. You will find a drone on top of this area.
  • Sorrow’s Harbor:
    • Head over to the Scarlet Keep. Make your way inside and then get to the entrance of the Pit of Heresy dungeon. There should be a drone here.
    • Another drone is located on the South-west edge of Sorrow’s Harbor.
  • K1 Logistics Lost Sector:
    • At the end of the lost sector where you face the final Servitor boss, you will find a drone here.
  • K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector:
    • This drone can be found beside the big area right before you face the boss.
  • K1 Revelations Lost Sector:
    • Head to the platform with the Shrieker. The drone is located right opposite to this platform.
  • Heist Battlegrounds:
    • The first drone is located in front of the Cryptolith on top of the ridge as you approach the facility.
    • After you’ve made it down the slide, a drone is located on the ramp through which you just slid down.
    • Go through the first door and then look right. The drone should be right in front of you.
    • Near the computers where you leave your Ghost to handle the defenses, you’ll find another drone here.
    • There’s another drone at the ceiling here.
    • The final drone can be found to the right of the door with the Hive seals.


This is the only place where the drones are located inside the Heist Battleground mission.

  • Mars-BG-1
  • Mars-BG-2
  • Mars-BG-3
  • Mars-BG-4
  • Mars-BG-5
  • Mars-BG-6
  • Heist Battleground
    • Where you first spawn, look straight towards the building. The first drone should be here.
    • For the second drone, look near the Totem labeled A.
    • When you first enter the facility, look up at the ceiling. Before you encounter the Seraph lasers, look down to the right.
    • The drone should be on the platform below.
    • The second drone is close to the ceiling in the same area.
    • The final drone is located close to the rails on the right close to the door with the Hive seals.

That concludes the list of all the security drones which you will encounter in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. When you destroy all these drones, you will be able to access a room with a special secret that you’ll surely love.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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