How to Make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

No need for toil or trouble with this guide on brewing a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Player using Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft
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Need to sneak past a group of dangerous mobs in Minecraft? Perhaps play a prank on your friends? This guide contains everything you need to know to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft, which, as the name suggests, turns you completely invisible. We’ve even included tutorials on how to get the materials you need. Just don’t forget to remove your armor — it’s a real giveaway.

Potion of Invisibility Minecraft Recipe

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To make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft, you must brew a Fermented Spider Eye with a Potion of Nightvision at a Brewing Stand. If you don’t have any Potions of Nightvision on hand or have yet to dip your toes into alchemy, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through obtaining the materials needed to brew both potions and, most importantly, how to brew them.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The full list of materials you will need to brew a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft includes:

  • 1x Brewing Stand
  • 1x Blaze Powder
  • 1x Glass Bottle
  • 1x Nether Wart
  • 1x Golden Carrot or 8x Gold Nugget and 1x Carrot
  • 1x Fermented Spider Eye or 1x Spider Eye, 1x Brown Mushroom, 1x Sugar

Brewing Stand and Blaze Powder

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If you’ve encountered this article looking to brew a potion, you’ll likely already have a Brewing Stand. If not, these can be crafted using a Blaze Rod and three Cobblestone (or any other stone-tier block).

Blaze Rods drop from defeated Blazes in Nether Fortresses. Putting a single Blaze Rod into a Crafting Table will create Blaze Powder, which is needed to power Brewing Stands and craft any potion in the game.

Glass Bottle

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It goes without saying that you need a bottle to store your potion. Glass Bottles are crafted using three pieces of Glass. If you’re struggling to find Sand to heat up, you can fish them up or loot them from Witches. Drinking a potion also leaves a Glass Bottle behind.

Nether Wart

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Nether Warts are found inside Nether Fortresses and Bastions in the Nether. You can also grow Nether Warts by planting them in Soul Sand. I have a little Nether Wart garden beside my house in my Survival world, which has become extremely useful, as they’re required to brew the base of most potions.

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Golden Carrot, Golden Nuggets, and Carrots

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Golden Carrots are crafted using five Gold Nuggets and one Carrot. You can also find them in chests hidden in Ancient Cities, Bastions, and Ruined Portals. Farmer Villagers at Master level also have the chance to offer three Golden Carrots in exchange for three Emeralds.

You can use the Crafting Table to break a Gold Bar into 9 Gold Nuggets, smelt Golden armor or tools to receive a single Nugget, kill Zombified Piglins (better known as Zombie Pigmen), or find them in hidden chests.

The easiest way to find a Carrot itself is to loot one from a Village. Zombies, Husks, and Zombie Villagers also have a slight chance of dropping Carrots — or you can find them in chests inside Shipwrecks and Pillager Outposts.

Fermented Spider Eye, Sugar, Brown Mushrooms, and Spider Eyes

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Fermented Spider Eyes are made by combining a Spider Eye, Brown Mushroom, and Sugar at a Crafting Table.

If you already have at least one item on this list, it’s a Spider Eye. As the name suggests, they drop from Spiders.

Brown Mushrooms spawn in dark areas, such as underground caves. You can also find them in Mushroom Fields (obviously), Old Growth Taiga, and Swamps. Shearing a Brown Mooshroom will give you five Brown Mushrooms and turn them into a Cow.

Finally, Sugar is created by placing Sugar Cane on a Crafting Table. Sugar Cane naturally generates near water or can be obtained from Wandering Traders for one Emerald. Remember to hit the Sugar Cane block above the one growing in the ground, allowing it to grow back.

Step 2: Brew an Awkward Potion

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The Awkward Potion is needed to brew just about any potion in Minecraft. To brew one, interact with a Brewing Stand, add a Nether Wart to the top, and a Water Bottle at the bottom. You can add up to three bottles to brew multiple potions at once to save resources. As long as your Blaze Powder powers the Brewing Stand, you’ll now have an Awkward Potion.

Step 3: Brew a Potion of Nightvision

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Combine your Awkward Potion with a Golden Carrot at the Brewing Stand to make a Potion of Nightvision—carrot at the top, bottle at the bottom, just like before. Make sure not to drink it!

Step 4: Brew the Potion of Invisibility

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Final step! Combine the Fermented Spider Eye with the newly brewed Potion of Nightvision to create a Potion of Invisibility! You can also combine this potion with Redstone to increase its duration from three minutes to eight. Don’t forget you can brew up to three potions at once for sneaky endeavors that might require potions like these.

We hope you enjoyed our alchemy lesson on brewing a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft. For more, check out our guide detailing every potion recipe Minecraft has to offer.

This guide was written while playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition (v.1.20.1) on Xbox.

- This article was updated on July 7th, 2023

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