How to Make Money Fast in Wartales: Best Money Making Strategies

Are you trying to gather as much money as you can in Wartales?

by Gordon Bicker
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Wartales has been keeping Adventure-RPG fans captive with its style of gameplay and many have been wondering how to make money in the game. It is of no surprise due to the various systems you will need to keep track of to earn the most. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to make money in Wartales with the best ways of doing so.

Best Ways to Make Money in Wartales

One of the best ways to make money in Wartales is by participating in Rat Infestations which will respawn as combat encounters. There is a base gold reward of around 300 gold but selling most of the resources you acquire from it is the main goldmine. Since the Rat infestations can last a while, you can gather a lot of materials such as fangs and general meat to sell at a merchant — easily netting above 1800 gold.

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Another great way of obtaining money is by selling items such as lockpicks and general raw material. Activities such as Bounties can be highly rewarding with gold when you have higher influence. The great thing about this is that playing Rat Infestations will also give you a bunch of influence. Keep completing both of them back-to-back when you can and suddenly you will have stellar money income.

Capturing and selling prisoners is also another effective way you can acquire more money. Through the general gameplay of Wartales, you will indeed earn money but these ways will give you a lot more.

Is Money Tough to Get in Wartales?

Yes, there can be moments when it takes a bit longer to acquire money. Especially if you are just starting out in your journey. Acquiring a lot of money ensures you keep the upper edge in Wartales and employing the methods above will ensure you a steady stream of cash.

As with other RPGs on the market learning how to make money quickly can be a great benefit; now you are prepared to do just that with Wartales. The Rat Infestations can be tough but the rewards will all be worth it.

- This article was updated on April 13th, 2023

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