How to Meet Big Yoshi in the Super Mario RPG Remake

Where can this infamous Yoshi be found in Super Mario RPG?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The infamous Big Yoshi returns in the remake of Super Mario RPG, offering powerful items for dedicated players.

In spite of the character becoming a meme, “Big Yoshi” is someone that should be sought out by everyone playing Super Mario RPG or its remake. Meeting this character will let players get extremely powerful items without needing to spend a single coin. However, reaching the Big Yoshi isn’t something that can be done with much ease.

Where is Big Yoshi in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

The “Big Yoshi” can be found in Yo’ster Isle, an optional area accessed through the Pipe Vault. The Pipe Vault is available after gaining access to Moleville, but you’ll need to beat a boss fight in Marrymore before you can meet the Big Yoshi. It will first appear as a baby next to a nest of eggs on the island, and speaking to it while riding Yoshi will let you feed it Yoshi Cookies. After eating 21 cookies, this baby will grow into the Big Yoshi.

While giving this Yoshi your cookies might seem like an arduous task, you can continuously replenish your supply by talking to the nearby Red Yoshi while you have no cookies remaining. He’ll give you three extra cookies, letting you feed the baby as much as you like. Once you’ve given the baby 21 cookies, leave the area and return to finally see Big Yoshi in all of its glory!

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When the Yoshi has fully grown, it’ll give you extra items if you feed it anywhere from 10 to 20 cookies at once. You can get more cookies by racing, though the amount you get will vary randomly. Trading them in will give you very helpful rewards such as Frog Coins, Yoshi-Ade, Energizers, Bracers, and Red Essences. You might want to take advantage of the island’s save point just to make sure you don’t miss out on the best items.

In the remake, these items will be helpful for post-game boss rematches. You should reset your save if you get a Frog Coin, though, since additional quality-of-life features will make those very simple to collect. Either way, the Big Yoshi will be of great use if you’re willing to put in a bit of extra time and effort.

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