How to Move and Destroy Cards in Marvel Snap

Time to get busy with the Marvel Snap Missions!

by Gordon Bicker


Marvel Snap has a wide variety of missions for you to eagerly complete and there are some which require more thought than others. In order to get to some of the juicier missions you will have to first complete the recruit missions that you’ll get the chance to dash through when you boot up the game and complete the tutorial. Of course, many may be working out if they want to boot up the game after hearing about the “insane” monetization strategies it had before release. However, thankfully that is sorted to a great extent now. Now you can learn through this article how to move and destroy cards in Marvel Snap for certain missions.

How to Move Cards in Marvel Snap

If you are struggling with this particular mechanic in Marvel Snap then worry no longer. To move cards, you’ll need a character with a special movement ability like Nightcrawler who can be moved to a different lane once each game. Nightcrawler can be acquired through a random card drop from every time you level up your collection. There is a chance that you may get them although no guarantee of an immediate acquisition.

How to Destroy Cards in Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, there are specific characters that will let you destroy other cards currently in play. To destroy cards, you’ll need a card like Carnage which can be unlocked from the seasonal battle pass. They will have the ability to destroy other cards when played. This means that when you need to destroy cards for a mission, you can simply bring Carnage along with you and use them to achieve the destruction of a card.

When you have these two cards — Carnage and Nightcrawler  — you’ll be set to go with completing the mission you need to. As more cards come to Marvel Snap post-launch, you’ll surely find new characters with destruction and movement abilities as you level up your collection.

Since Marvel Snap is also on mobile, you may want to play through some other games on mobile such as Pokemon GO during your grind to acquire the cards noted. There are even Halloween-themed timed field research tasks to complete with their respective rewards. Perfect for enjoying even more challenges to complete!

Marvel Snap is available now for iOS, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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