All Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 Field Research Tasks and Rewards

Find out all of the Field Research Tasks happening during the Halloween Event in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to get your hands dirty with some new tasks, the Halloween Event that is currently running in Pokemon GO could be a great opportunity! You’ll have a chance to earn some excellent new Pokemon for your team, including some with great Shiny Odds.

If you’re looking to find out what tasks are currently available in the game and what you’ll need to do to accomplish them all, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into all of the details so you’re fully prepared to get right into the action with Pokemon GO!

All Field Research Tasks During the Pokemon GO Halloween Event

As you get out into the world and start spinning PokeStops and Gyms, you’ll unlock plenty of new Field Research Tasks to take part in. Beyond your standard item quests, you’ll also earn some special research involving the Ghost Pokemon that are roaming around your city. Let’s find out what you have to look forward to, and what you’ll be rewarded with!

Field Research Task Rewards For Completion
Catch 5 Ghost-type Pokemon Encounter with Shuppet, Duskull
Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon Encounter with Yamask
Catch 25 Ghost-type Pokemon Encounter with Galarian Yamask
Walk 5 km Encounter with Phantump
Spin 5 PokeStops or Gyms x20 Gengar Mega Energy
Spin 10 PokeStops or Gyms x20 Absol Mega Energy

Having a chance to get your hands on a few extra Shuppet before the Spotlight Hour event that is coming up is a great thing, especially if you’re looking to evolve your new favorite Ghost-type into its Mega Evolution form. You’ll also have a chance to find extra Yamask while completing the Special Research Tasks given to you by Professor Willow, so make sure you’ve got plenty of Pokeballs to make this happen!

Now that you’re ready to get out into the world, make sure that you’re checking into our Pokemon GO Guide Section. You’ll be able to find out when the next Halloween Event starts, everything about the upcoming Dia de Muertos Event happening soon, and when the next Community Day event starts up!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

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