How to Noclip in Subnautica

Wanting to noclip in Subnautica? We have you covered!

by Gordon Bicker


Subnautica is one of the experiences that many still play through to this day. The game is extremely unique and the series certainly offers a lot of replayability value. Of course, with the sheer number of places you can explore in the world, there is a chance for a few glitches as with any game from time to time such as getting stuck in places. Or perhaps you may simply want to go out of bounds in the world slightly. If you are wanting to go through parts of the environment, you can utilize a method known as noclipping within the gaming community. This guide article will take you through the process of how to noclip in Subnautica.

Noclipping in Subnautica

In order to noclip in Subnautica you will need to bring up the console command section in order to input a certain command that will effectively allow you to noclip in the world. If you are on PC, you can bring up the console command section by pressing F3 and then F8. You will need to untick the box that mentions about disabling the console. When it is unticked, you can bring up the console by pressing the enter key or the “~” key. As for consoles, you will need to press left bumper (L1/L), the bottom face button (X, or A), and then the right bumper (R1/R) at the same time.

When the console command area for inputting text/numbers is brought up, you can begin the process of noclipping. There is a “warpforward” command that will make your character go a certain amount of meters in whatever direction you are facing. If you are looking into a rock and close by to it for example, when you warp forward you will noclip through the object. After the command you will need to specify the number of meters you want to warp forward by. For example, if you input into the command box without the quotation marks: “warpforward 20”, you will teleport 20 meters in front of you.

Now you can noclip when you want to within the experience! Whether you are playing on PC, or consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, you will be prepared for anything.

Subnautica is available now and playable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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