How to Open Estimated Repair Time Supply Pods in Tower of Fantasy

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by Caleb Stultz


Estimated repair time pods are items that you can obtain during your time in Tower of Fantasy. If you have noticed these pods lying around, you may have wondered what they were and what is inside them. The estimated repair time can pop up if you have traveled far and wide in Tower of Fantasy, gathering materials and opening chests around the world. So, can you open these chests? Is there any way to skip the time on-screen? Today, we will show you how to open an estimated repair time supply pod in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Open Estimated Repair Time Supply Pods in Tower of Fantasy

When you come across a chest that shows the “Estimated Repair Time” message on the chest, this means that you cannot open the chest until the time on-screen has passed. So, as with the photo below, you would need to wait 62 hours and 18 minutes before opening the chest.


If players attempt to open or interact with the chest, the game will say “…Repairing data… Estimated repair time: 62h 18m,” so there is nothing more to do with these chests than to wait.

Not every Estimated Repair Time is the same. So you may have to wait minutes, hours, or whole days before opening an Estimated Repair Time Supply Pod.

Can You Skip the Estimated Repair Time?

There is no way to skip the estimated repair time on a Supply Pod. No microtransaction is in place to speed up the process of opening one. There is also no other mechanic in the game that allows players to eliminate the repair time wait.

Because of that, your only option is to leave it alone until the timer has completely run out. Even if you are logged out of the game, the timer will keep going. So in this case, you would need to wait almost three days before opening this Supply Pod.

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Tower of Fantasy launched globally for PC, iOS, and Android devices on August 10th, 2022.

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