Tower of Fantasy Matrix Guide: How to Upgrade to Level 5

Need to upgrade your Matrix Chips? Find out how to do so here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to power yourself up even more than you already are in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll want to take advantage of the Matrix Chips that you will be able to develop alongside your build. As you proceed further into the game and finally reach Level 20, you’ll unlock the ability to use Matrix Chips, which can help boost your favorite weapons up to the next level and will let you become more powerful than ever.

You’ll also be able to level these chips up, and by reaching at least Level 5 with one of them, you’ll be able to get yourself some items and rewards through the menus that the game has to offer. But, how do you do that? Let’s dive in, and see what you’ll need to upgrade these Matrices, and what you can earn from doing that.

How To Upgrade Matrix Chips in Tower of Fantasy


As you progress through the game, you’ll start to unlock different Matrix Chips, based on the Simulacrum that you can unlock in the game through its Gatcha System. You can also start earning new chips by completing Suppressor Upgrades, as well as other quests that are offered through the Bounty System, so you’ll have plenty of different ways to earn more chips as you play the game. However, if you want to use them to their full advantage, you’ll need to Develop them, so you’ll be able to increase their power capabilities, so you’ll have the strongest gear around.

If you are looking to upgrade these, you’re going to need to get your hands on Matrix Datapacks, which you can earn through Dimensional Trails, Omnium Beacons, Cracking Password Chest II’s, Bounty Missions, Mia’s Kitchen, and the Points Store. By completing different missions, exploring the world, and doing more, you’ll soon be able to rack up plenty of these chips, which will then allow you to upgrade your Matrix to the next level, and unlock a whole new level of power that you’ll be able to utilize in your favorite gear.

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Tower of Fantasy is available now on mobile devices and PC.

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