Tower of Fantasy Multiplayer Guide: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Wander with friends!

by Elliott Gatica


It’s always more fun to play MMORPGs with friends. Questing together, exploring, and just setting the overall vibes can give you countless hours in these games. In terms of Tower of Fantasy, how do you play multiplayer and co-op with other friends? Here’s how you can do that.

Tower of Fantasy Multiplayer Guide

In order to play a party with friends to roam together, you’ll have to complete some quests and objectives before gaining the ability to add friends or even play with them. Once you’re done with most of the prologue and obtain the jetpack, then you can start playing socially.

Once that’s done, bring up your Lobby menu in-game. From here, you’ll see selections like World Exploration, Roaming Boss, Nearby Teams, and more. You’ll want to select the “My Team” option. From here, just create a team.

Teams are synonymous with things like squads or a group. You just created an instance where you can invite three more people into your current session. Your character will appear on this screen with three empty slots. Click any of the slots and now you can add friends to your current team.

Some important things to note are that you also have to be on the same server. Characters do not transfer between servers. This might be an issue right now if you don’t coordinate where you all want to play, even more so with the heavily impacted servers.

Finally, an upside to this is that the game supports cross-platform play. If you’re on a mobile device and someone is on a PC, you can still pair up. There are no limits on that front.

If you’re hoping to get more friends on the game who primarily play on consoles, they’re out of luck, at least for right now. Things can change and this game might be available on more platforms some ways down the line.

Tower of Fantasy is now available for free on iOS, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on August 12th, 2022

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